Kevin Kolb: The Philadelphia Eagles' Future?

Jimmy KimmelContributor IDecember 15, 2008

21.81 seems like an unimportant number, but not if you are a Philadelphia Eagles fan. 21.81 is the so called "future" quarterback Kevin Kolb’s career QB rating. Now, to put this number in perspective, if I were to take a snap as a NFL QB and threw the ball out of bounds my rating would nearly double that of the Kevin Kolb (39.58).

Kevin Kolb was a second round pick when better QB's were on the board—Trent Edwards for one. He came out of a shotgun-oriented offence much like the 49ers' Alex Smith.

Just looking at Kolb's career numbers, 50% completion, 144 yards, 0 TD's, 2 Fumbles, 4 interceptions (2 of which were returned for TD's), you could say he just needs more playing time. 

Yes, he is young and has potential but how can any intelligent fan call for McNabb's job. This is the same McNabb that led the Eagles, without a prominent wide receiver, to four consecutive NFC Championship Games. This the same McNabb who in 2004 without a certain No. 81, led his team through the playoffs to the Super Bowl.

This the same McNabb that has five Pro-bowl appearances and is the greatest passer in Eagles' history but it shouldn’t surprise me that my fellow Eagles' fans could be so naive. These are the fans that booed when McNabb was drafted over a certain marijuana smoking NFL has been.

These are the same fans that blamed McNabb for being injury prone. Look at two of the plays that took McNabb out, a simple run out of bounds that lead to a torn ACL and a tackle on a safety that lead to a sports hernia.  Now look what this man has done through injury.

This being a game in which he broke his ankle on the first play of a week 11 game against Arizona, and went on to go 20 for 25, 255 yards, four touchdowns, and a QB Rating of 132!

Now, let's put McNabb's numbers in historical context. He is one of 34 QB's to ever post a perfect passer rating, this less than a year after reconstructive ACL surgery. He also is currently the best QB when it comes to interception to attempts history.

So, one of the best QB's in NFL history, a future Hall of Famer, who if given a No. 1 wideout, even though D Jackson is stepping up, and a power back to supplement B. Westbrook would have a Superbowl ring.

Or would you rather a unproven QB that spent his college years in a shotgun oriented offense....But hey, it could work; just ask San Francisco.