MLB Free Agency: Grady Sizemore and Players New York Mets Must Avoid

Justin PedersenCorrespondent IINovember 10, 2011

MLB Free Agency: Grady Sizemore and Players New York Mets Must Avoid

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    The New York Mets are in a MLB limbo at the moment.

    The past few years have been a nightmare for New York’s other team, and even with a roster full of big names and inflated contracts, they have not been able to put anything together.

    It is time for the Mets to finally start fulfilling expectations, and it starts with being proactive in the free-agency market.

    With a laundry list of players headlining the 2012 FA class, the need to address certain issues can sometimes be solved by splashing the cash during the winter market.

    But there are stars the Mets should definitely steer away from, and if they are smart and use their past experiences to dictate their decision making, staying away from certain names is validated.

    Here is a list of players that the New York Mets should not pursue.

1. Grady Sizemore

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    A multi-faceted player with limitless versatility, teams were salivating the second the Cleveland Indians declined to pick up Grady Sizemore’s option for 2012.                         

    The 29-year-old should be at the peak of his career, and the three-time All-Star is going to be a big priority for many squads across the MLB. But I advise the Mets to stay away from this guy.

    As alluring as Sizemore seems, the basic fact is that he is a gigantic risk and reward type of player. He hasn’t been healthy since 2009 and has had multiple surgeries to try and fix reoccurring injuries.

    His numbers have also dropped dramatically over the years, but obviously, my biggest concern is his health. The Mets should stay away from Sizemore and look for healthier, more efficient options.

2. Vladimir Guerrero

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    Vlad Guerrero is a free agent for the third straight season, an indication of his age and steady deterioration as a player.

    Without a doubt the Dominican Republic native is one of the best hitters of his generation and one of the best hitters to come out of the DR.

    But at 36 years old, his desire to play a few more years should scare the Mets away from him immediately.

    If the Mets were to sign him, he would ask for a multi-year deal and most likely want to play everyday. He is not up to speed to play right field on a regular basis and he would only be a liability, considering he leads active players in errors (125).

    If Guerrero were to sign on and agree to a smaller contract while being a bit role player, I could see the Mets taking him on as a leader and locker room presence. But I doubt that would happen with him because he is used to playing all the time and would want to be out on the diamond as much as possible.

3. Francisco Rodriguez

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    As soon as the Milwaukee Brewers declined the 2012 option on K-Rod, rumors started flying around about a possible reunion in the Big Apple.

    While these are only rumors, I hope they are not true. He is no longer the dangerous pitcher the Mets signed on his first time around, and the Mets don’t need the drama that follows Rodriguez.

    He was a proficient setup man for Milwaukee, and while he was pivotal to their success in 2011, I think he is going to try and use that to his advantage this winter. K-Rod is going to look for cash and the Mets should not give it to him.

4. Jose Reyes

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    Yes, you read that right. The Mets should let go of their star man Jose Reyes, and most will think I am crazy.

    I know he is the best player they have and I know he is the heartbeat to that ballclub, but hear me out. The second the season ended and Reyes became a free agent, he was flying around to different teams trying to see what his options were.

    Now I am all for someone looking out for their best interests, but the Mets have been loyal to Reyes through slumps and extended injury spells. Reyes is ready to meet with the Miami Marlins and with other teams waiting in line to talk to the shortstop, it doesn’t look like he is fully committed to the ball club.

    If the Mets are able to sign him back up will he be passionate and mentally prepared for the team? I doubt that, considering he is looking elsewhere at the moment.


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    Free agency is a great time to land some big names, and I think the Mets can still do that. There are so many players in this year’s market, and there are plenty that can fit the needs of Terry Collins’ team.

    But the Mets need to learn from the mistakes the have made so often. How many times have they ballooned their payroll, given players inordinate amounts of cash and seen it all blow up in their face?

    Plus they need to start being a lot more frugal with their money, especially with the financial problems they are having. They also already have people to build around.

    They still have David Wright and Johan Santana is coming back to form. Daniel Murphy is a promising young man, and Jason Bay should turn it around next year as well.

    They have some pieces, but I think they should emphasize on rebuilding, as discouraging that is to hear.

    The Mets have been a joke for far too long, yet if they don’t put so much pressure on themselves they might play a lot looser baseball. They are always the talk of the NL East at the start of every season and what do they do? They have monumental meltdowns.

    While there are plenty of free agents they can go after, the aforementioned are ones that would just bring about issues they have dealt with plenty of times before.

    It is time to finally put those lingering problems to rest and start looking towards success.