Penn State Riots Video: Watch Students Flip Van in Shocking Defense of JoePa

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The Penn State campus has been flooded with riots rooted around the idea that Joe Paterno was wrongfully fired on Wednesday night, which is a shocking opinion that has caught fire in the Pennsylvania area.

Students filmed one another flipping over a van, lying in the straights and chanting the name of their beloved coach. There’s a time and a place for support.

Now is not that time.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, which I know and can respect. However, supporting a prominent football program over the well-being of children is asinine.

People can say Paterno is distraught about not doing enough given the circumstances, but that’s not enough to make me sympathize with him. If more allegations against Jerry Sandusky weren’t brought to light this week, this could very well still be going on.

Every student on campus should call their parents and listen to them for a few minutes before blindly supporting a man who had allegedly been told about Sandusky’s relations with children for about a decade.

If you’re the son of John McQueary, you should find someone else to call.

If everyone on campus took a deep breath and tried to imagine a close family member being abused by Sandusky, they would understand that anyone that continued to allow him to have an office and use the Penn State facilities needs to go.

There’s simply no reason a football team or game should even be in the top-50 priorities in anyone’s mind when discussing this case.

Football is a game.

It’s not like Joe Paterno is being sent to jail, he’s just being fired from his job. His ability to defend his case in court still exists, but the fact that he tried to stick around for the rest of the season is unbelievable.

I understand that he’s done a lot for this program, but he could have prevented some serious issues in one of two ways:

  1. He could have contacted authorities with the allegations about Sandusky.
  2. He could have resigned immediately on his own, and not wait until the end of the season, which would have saved the campus tons of damage.

If after reading this you still think Paterno should coach on Saturday, please consider the victims he could have spared in the last decade by taking matters into his own hands.

This is not a matter of hindsight, it’s a matter of morals.

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