NFL Week 15: From a Minnesota Vikings Fan's Perspective

Kyle BabcockContributor IDecember 15, 2008


What a way to start an article, but doesn't it seem appropriate to you? As a Vikings fan, I can't seem to tell which photo better illustrates the sweet victory against the red bird on Sunday.

Is it Jared Allen and his defense harassing Kurt Warner all day long?

Is it Adrian Peterson and Chester Taylor harassing the Cardinals defense for over 200 rushing yards?

Or is it the hated, benched, backup (or at least formerly backup) QB torching their defense for a career high four TD passes?

To me the first and second ones are a usual display of the Vikings image. When I say Vikings to my friends, they think Adrian Peterson and the rush defense. But who says, "Tarvaris Jackson, the beast of a quarterback that the Vikings have?"

No one.

This week, as I watched the game in a sports bar, on one of three huge projection screens, amongst about 80 Steelers fans chanting and screaming, I saw a type of dominance.

And not just a type. Total dominance.

Most average NFL fans expected the Vikes to run the ball and stop the run. But not many people know that only three teams in the NFL have allowed fewer passing touchdowns.

But let me get back to the game.

The Vikings' aerial attack featured T-Jack and about a million Vikings fans on the edge of their seats, nervously chewing their nails as they wait for that hated "Brad Childress project QB" to take the field.

While only having 164 passing yards, the Vikings' quarterback had an amazing four touchdown passes and even more amazing, not a single turnover.

Who expected that?

I don't quite know, but even though I have liked and supported T-Jack all along, I had no idea what was in store.

With all that said about T-Jack, another surprising aspect of Sunday's game was the 28-0 lead we got out to.

In four games this season, if I'm correct, the Vikings have had four fourth quarter comeback wins. Most notably, the Packers game. But no comeback was needed for this game.

The defense had another tremendous game, limiting the NFL's No. 1 scoring offense, who score 29.4 points a game, to only 14. The line harasses Warner all day, and we could have had about 3 more INT's, but were unfortunately dropped.

Even the usually unimpressive special teams were actually special yesterday. Bernard Berrian scored the game's first points, returning a Cardinals punt 82 yards to the house.

And there is one more group I have to give props to.

The Vikings fans that attended the game in Arizona! It was almost like a home game, because there were so many of you! And as Childress pointed out, I felt overwhelmed, like one of those streakers that gets tackled cold on a football field.

I mean, there were so many of you, so great job supporting the home, I mean away team.

P.S.—I did see your Vikings Santa hats, and yes it was like Christmas!

So there you go, on my Week 15 review column.

This is my first week doing it, but I should be doing it every week from now until forever, so enjoy.

And by the way-side, that's From Vikings Fan's Perspective.


(UPDATE: 12/18/08: Darrel Bevel(sp) announced that Tarvaris Jackon will be the starter against the Falcons, so thank you for the votes. You got it right!!!)