Andrey Dikan, of Spartak Moscow, Assaulted with Laser Pen

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer INovember 10, 2011

Spartak Moscow VS Dynamo Moscow
Spartak Moscow VS Dynamo MoscowEpsilon/Getty Images

Andrey Dikan (Spartak Moscow Goalkeeper) was assaulted with a laser pen during a weekend match between his team and Dynamo Moscow. The news was reported in Sovetsky Sport Newspaper and published in RT.

Dikan states that he was assaulted four times with the laser pen during the match by hooligans. Dikan condemned the assault in Russia and admitted to have been a victim (of laser pens) in Slovakia.

According to RT, laser pens have been used against pilots although this is the first incident within the Russian Premier League. The Russian Government has decided to take steps to make assaults with laser pens a criminal offense.

While people comment about laser pens, they can be very dangerous. According to an article published in BBC News, laser pens or pointers have been associated with damage to areas of the eyes such as the retina.

The hooligans who have assaulted Dikan with a laser pen should be given a 10 year prison sentence with a fine of six figures. They should also be expelled permanently from any matches.

The reason is the danger that laser pens and pointers pose to the eyes of the recipient. The damage could even be a permanent one even if the assault lasted a few minutes.

It is hoped that the Russian Premier League and FIFA take a look at laser pens and pointers with the intention of banning them