Cowboys-Giants: Eli Manning Looked Like Ben Roethlisberger Out There

joseph eastmondContributor IDecember 15, 2008

The Giant's stated after the Arizona Cardinals victory that could win with All-Star Plaxico Burress not playing. They sure ate their words last night with a 8-20 loss to the Dallas Cowboys, their divisional and longtime rivals.

The way the Giants played defensively, and the way the Cowboys played offensively kind of reminded you of the when the Giants played the steelers  earlier this year, when their weak offensive running game and passing was at first completely shutdown.

Then the Giants' defense went on to bum rush and sack Roethlisberger over four times in the second half, on their way to a 21-14 victory.

Well, yesterday, Eli manning had poor offensive blocking and the Dallas Cowboys took advantage of the situation and went on to sack Manning a over a whooping eight times to stay the team that leads in sacks.

Besides losing two games in a row and having a terrible game, the Giants are proving that they can't keep their repeat chances alive without Burress playing in the end zone.  The Giants' couldn't get anything at all, and not even quick Steve Smith or Kevin Boss could respond in time for most of the passing.

Their running game was also shut down, but they had better chances at running, 'cause Manning could get the ball out in time, and have a less chance of being sacked and having the ball stripped away from underneath him.

The Giants' had the a great amount of chances, but the Cowboys exploited every single one of them. The Cowboys kept Manning down on his knees and the ball out of the end zone.

Carney, the 44-year-old kicker was the only effective player they really had, and at his age and position, that shouldn't be something to be proud of unless you actually win the game.

If the Giants' lose against Carolina, the Giants' can pretty much say goodbye to their Super Bowl hopes and just think about what the hell went wrong.

The big question they need to ask themselves is whether or not they are the same team they were with Burress?