10 Things I Learned About College Football This Year

EdmonCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2008

1.  Even if the Florida Gators leave Miami with the trophy, the SEC’s crown has been taken.   The Big XII has moved on from their Big II days.  Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, and Missouri are all doing well.  Does that mean the SEC’s run be over?  With only a few teams losing QBs, it could be on its way back up...

2.  Returning a QB means a lot more than ever.  With spread offenses everywhere, it’s become more and more important.  Ask Oklahoma, Florida, and Texas how important it is.  LSU and Michigan were hit hard by trying to replace that all important offensive position.  You can have the nicest car in the world, but if it doesn't have an engine it won't be seeing interstate speeds. 

3.  Freshmen are more important than ever.  Terrelle Pryor saved what looked to be a lost season for the Buckeye faithful.  Julio Jones set the tone for Bama’s breakout season.  Janoris Jenkins secondary play has the Gators thinking two in three.  Jacquizz Rodgers made more than a few fans this year with his exciting runs for the Beavers.

4.  That in a three way tie, you go with the head to head argument.  We all know the game; paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper.  If you take out rock’s victory against scissors, of course paper should stand triumphantly.  Unfortunately, you can’t dismiss such in a three way tie. 

5.  You can have the most first place votes and still not win the Heisman.  So Tim Tebow wins the most first place votes and gets left off the most ballots.  This just seems odd to me.  Guess the non-stop media love has its backlash.  Who would have thought?  To be honest, you couldn’t really argue with whoever won the award, they were all deserving. 

6.  That the voting system for awards is completely unpredictable.  Davey O’Brien Award goes to Sam Bradford, Maxwell Award goes to Tim Tebow, and the Walter Camp Award goes to Colt McCoy.  That was the easy part.  Tebow wasn’t including in the O’Brien, all three were included in the Walter Camp (likely due to five finalist instead of three, but Bradford was left Maxwell). 

This is like little league where everyone gets a trophy.  Well, everyone but the QB that had 4747 yards, 41 TDs, and a passer rating of 163.03.  Take a long look around folks.  You might not see a group of QBs like this again.  Well, until next year.  As all but one has eligibility left. 

7.  That Ohio State’s two straight BCS losses can hurt Penn State’s title hopes.  Everyone outside of the state of Pennsylvania took a deep sigh of breathe when Daniel Murray’s field goal dashed the hopes of Nittany Lion fans waiting and hoping to show that they didn’t have a lot in common with their Big Ten brethren.  Voters and fans rejoiced at the thought of a BCS title game that might be competitive.  Somehow the Big 10 has been relegated to MAC, Mountain West and WAC respect. 

8.  No matter how the season ends, most of the fans on the internet won’t be happy.  You’d of thought I would have known this by now.  The internet is good for a few things; porn, checking scores, anonymous non-stop complaining.  There is a reason you don’t here playoffs talk until the end of the season.  That’s usually when said anonymous complainer writes about the NEED for a playoff.  College football is quickly approaching the NFL on terms of fans and income revenue.  I doubt that it “needs” to do anything to fix its product. 

9.  The race card is used so often, that sometimes we become numb to it.  When I first began hearing about the subject of minority coaches, I passed it off as someone trying to stir the pot.  But after reading this article (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/93013-college-football-its-not-just-racism-its-cronyism), I’ve opened my eyes a little wider to whole subject. 

10.  Hearing the coach talk about another job and the QB state that he’s “50-50” on leaving will give heartburn.  This might be a little bit of exaggeration, but I am sweating it.  With Urban Meyer stating that Notre Dame is still his dream job and that certain Heisman winner, things are a little tense in Florida.  Throw that along with the fact that the Florida Gators play in this little game on the 8th of Jan.  

Did I mention that Florida weighs a whole offensive coordinator less?  Who would have thought the guy that fans wanted out in September was the glue that held Florida together?