Is Jeff Hardy's WWE Title One of the Top Five Shocks in Wrestling History?

Adam LewisContributor IDecember 15, 2008

We had a huge shock last night at Armageddon with Jeff Hardy winning the WWE title, so, to put it into context, here is a list of the biggest five shocks in wrestling history:


5. Jeff Hardy Finally Winning the WWE Title at Armageddon 2008

Last night we had a huge shock with Hardy winning the title, but why is this only at No. 5? Well, he has been in the title picture for over a year so it's not completely out of left field.


4. Rey Mysterio Winning Royal Rumble 2006

So in WWE, a company whose boss loves big men, a little man lasted 60 minutes and won the Royal Rumble. Who would have thought that when Mysterio first showed up in 2002? His title win is not on this list due to the fact that after this Royal Rumble win he could win the title.


3. Eddie Guerrero Wins the WWE Title in 2001

Guerrero's title win was another shock. If you were a Wrestling fan back in late 2001, when his demons were at their worst, you saw him overcome them and win the title. 


2. Vince McMahon wins the WWE Title in 1999

Yes, McMahon won the WWE Title back in 1999—he only held the title for a few days—but still, he has held the title, and who would have thought the boss would hold the title?


1. Lex Luger Shows up on Nitro

So the year is 1995 and WCW was going to debut a new show to go against Monday Night Raw called Nitro. At the same time as Nitro was going to start, Luger's contract was expiring, so what did Eric Bischoff do? He offered Luger a chance to jump to WCW.

Luger did, and when WCW went down, McMahon blackballed Luger from WWE forever.


So what is your biggest shock in wrestling history?