Cody Green and the Dayton Broncos Reach Texas State Championship

Bugeatersteve StuchlikCorrespondent IDecember 15, 2008

For a while there on Saturday it looked like Nebraska recruit Cody Green and his 13-1 Dayton Broncos season was going to be over without a championship to show for it. But Green showed the Husker fans what could be in store next season as he was a major part in a great finish and a berth in the 4A Division Two championship.

Trailing 28-21 with about six minutes to go Dayton, with Green at the helm went 71 yards in 10 plays to tie the score with less than two minute to go in the game.

Dayton faced a third-and-17 from the Antlers’ 40, but Green hooked up with A.J. Dugat (A University of Houston commitment) on two straight plays for completions of 12 and 18 yards to move the ball to the 10.


One play later, Green went to Damian Berotte for an eight-yard scoring pass with 1:50 left. Kerrville-Tivy took the kick off and then completed a big pass from Colton Palmer to Matt Ayala to the 38-yard line. However before Ayala could tuck the ball under his arm to run, Dayton wide receiver and defensive back A.J. Dugat ripped the ball from Ayala and took off the other direction.

Dugat ran all the way down to the 18-yard line before being tackled with 58 seconds remaining. It was here that Green took over and did whant winners do, he made plays.

Two straight runs by Cody brought the ball to the seven-yard line with four seconds left when Dayton called its final timeout.

Now was the time for Green to assume a different role, attempting the Broncos first field goal attempt of the season. The 24-yard kick went straight and true and the Broncos were in their first ever state championship game by a 31-28 margin of victory.

After the kick Green said “That brings a whole new level of difficulty to it,” “I give props to all the kickers of the world. That’s a hard job, with everybody looking at you.”


Even with the game time it was evident that neither team wanted overtime and Dugat made sure that Dayton would not face that situation.


“A.J. went into beast mode,” Green said. “We call him ‘beast,’ and that’s what he did. He pretty much took over the game.”

Besides the game winning field goal, Cody was 10-of-14 passiing for 132 and two touchdowns. He also added 59 rushing yards. For the season Green has more than 2,800 yard passing with 31 touchdowns and has rushed for more than 1,400 yards and 25 touchdowns, giving true meaning to "dual-purpose" threat.

Next up is the championship game in San Antonio’s Alamodome at 2:00 PM against 13-2 Sulphur Springs. Go Broncos and send Cody Green to Lincoln a champion in January as he graduates early and plans to start school for the spring semester.