Musings from the Bald Prophet: West Coast Whoops and the Second BP Top 25

Marc DaleyAnalyst IJanuary 18, 2017

Five random musings:

1) Does Gonzaga's Matt Bouldin realize that every time you make an outlandish prediction, it comes back to bite you like a rabid pit bull?  After the Matt Stone lookalike waxed poetic about going undefeated this season, along comes a maligned Arizona squad that scores their first win over a top four team in seven years.

Yes, the Bulldogs are very talented and should make the Sweet 16 this year in the Big Dance.  But next time, leave the predictions to the prophets, Matt.


2) Lexington was excited about the blowout win over Indiana on Saturday, and it was a classic blowout win for the Cats—for the first 10 minutes.  However, they still had more turnovers than Magee's Bakery and would have lost to a classic Hoosiers squad.

This Hoosiers squad lacks talent but has enough cohesion to get about 13 or 14 wins this year—which is triple what this reporter thought would happen.


3) Returning to the West Coast kick—San Diego looked primed to challenge the aforementioned Zags and St. Mary's for the conference title.  That ain't gonna happen. The same squad that knocked off UConn last March and nearly made it to the Sweet 16 lost to a San Jose State team that hasn't been decent since the late Ricky Berry was playing his trade in the mid-'80s.


4) Even if Eric Devendorf loses his appeal, Syracuse won't fall off much.  Mookie Jones plays a different style but should fill Devo's spot nicely.  Also, this Orange team realized how to play organized ball. 


5) Final Western thought—the Pac-10, despite Arizona's win, looks awful this year.  Arizona State needed overtime to beat IUPUI.  UCLA has nobody taller than 6'5" that can score consistently.  Arizona will have plenty of bumps this year.  USC has a collection of stars that are more interested in individual stats than winning, with the possible exception of Taj Gibson.

I could see the Pac-10 devoid of participants after the first weekend of the Dance.


And now the second Top 25.

1) UNC

2) Pitt

3) UConn

4) Oklahoma

5) Texas

6) Xavier

7) Gonzaga

8) Wake Forest

9) Villanova

10) Louisville

11) Duke

12) Syracuse

13) UCLA

14) Tennessee

15) Georgetown

16) Arizona State

17) Notre Dame

18) Memphis

19) Ohio State

20) Marquette

21) Miami (Fla.)

22) Davidson

23) Purdue

24) Baylor

25) Clemson