Duke Has 3 of Grantland's All-Time Top 50 College Basketball Players

Ro ShiellAnalyst INovember 9, 2011

Redick having his number retired.
Redick having his number retired.Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Chuck Klosterman of Grantland just made a top 50 list of college basketball players over the years, which is described as;

A very specific, purely subjective, totally infuriating list.

His ranking is based on 50 percent talent and the players in question must have a more memorable college career than a professional one. The 39-year-old Klosterman also admits to being biased towards players he grew up watching.

Anyway, the end product is a fun and witty list of players who have all graced our collective memories at one point.

Duke had three players on that list.

Danny Ferry was one of the most versatile big men to ever play the game. When he left Duke he had scored over 2,000 points, grabbed over 1,000 rebounds and dished out over 500 assists.

Ferry was No. 45 on the list.

JJ Redick made a standard entry as well. His pro career has not gone as expected, but he has made a respectable name for himself with the Orlando Magic.

Redick currently holds the record for most points scored at Duke.

Lastly but not unexpectedly, Christian Laettner is the highest ranking Duke player.

Klosterman had him at No. 6 among players such as Lew Alcindor (first), Len Bias (seventh) and Pete Maravich (second), just to name a few.

Laettner led Duke to its first and second championships in 1991 and 1992 and is heavily revered by the Duke fan base. His NBA career did not match his college career, though.

One player who could have made this list based on his college career vs. his NBA career is Shelden Williams.

Shelden had a monstrous career at Duke but has yet to make his mark in the NBA.

For all those that need to know how North Carolina did, they had two players on the list: Tyler Hansbrough at No. 10 and Phil Ford at No. 39.

The only objection I would have on this list is to change Jimmer Fredette at No. 25 with Stephen Curry. However, that's just a personal choice.