Almost There For Dallas!

James WilliamsonSenior Writer IDecember 14, 2008

20-8. Man, I'm going to remember that game forever. The Dallas Cowboys took on the New York Giants and got a victory in their house for the final time against the Giants at Texas Stadium. 

That was a game that made me feel the hope again. After that Steeler loss, I wanted to just hide my face, especially at church (my pastor is from Pittsburgh). Tonight, I can hold my head high and say that the Cowboys look so much better now than they did last week.

The biggest award goes to the defense as a whole. I have been studying this defense for weeks, and if you want a highlight reel on them every week, you can have it. Win or lose, you can have it.

Seven sacks, two forced fumbles, and two interceptions. That is a mark of a championship defense. In my opinion, I think they are a championship defense. The offense is still spotty, but this defense as a whole is so much fun to watch.

Now to go on to the Cowboys' problems: The offense is, as I said, spotty, especially on the offensive line. Cory Proctor, our now left guard, is very inconsistent. If you look at the safety the Giants forced, you'll see that the left side of the line was unprepared, but left tackle Flozell Adams managed to react.

Cory Proctor, however was standing there like a living statue while the defense came right at Romo. His inconsistency also puts pressure on tackle Flozell Adams, and center Andre Gurode.

The line also at times could not protect Romo as a whole. It is one thing to have one defensive player get the quarterback, but Tony Romo had practically the entire defensive line on top of him at one point. That inconsistency almost took Romo out of the game.

Tony Romo is still inconsistent at times. In the beginning he threw a few awkward passes and led the Cowboys to immediate fourth downs on the first two possessions. He finally got some time and some stats with two touchdowns to Patrick Crayton and Deon Anderson.

The biggest problem is penalties. The Cowboys had over a hundred yards in penalties. This has to stop now. If they keep making mistakes, and digging themselves into holes, then eventually they will not be able to dig themselves out. The majority of the penalties are on the offensive line, so that adds more problems to that group as a whole.

This team is almost done with this season, and almost has a playoff spot in its hands, but they are still 9-5. If they lose the next two games to Baltimore and Philadelphia, then it is back to the drawing board again.

Cowboy fans need to have no delusions. We are not in playoffs, we are nowhere close to playoffs. Until this season is done we are not in playoffs. This isn't last year with the first round bye week, this is now. This season's standings are too close to call.

They cannot afford to lose now. This is supposed to be the year for Texas Stadium, the stadium that all Cowboy fans know and love. That stadium needs to go out with a win, and that win needs to be the Super Bowl.

To all Cowboy fans: I want you to relax, have fun, play Madden, act civil, and most importantly, getcha popcorn ready.