Chicago Bears 2008 Draft Preview: To QB or Not to QB?

greg pitschSenior Analyst IFebruary 12, 2008

With talks surfacing about the Bears interest in offers for beleaguered QB Rex Grossman, it may not be a bad guess that Chicago will be looking to draft a signal caller in the 2008 NFL Draft.

I do not think the Chicago Bears will look to go into next season with just Brian Griese, and Kyle Orton on the depth chart.  That is, to be honest, a quarterback controversy waiting to erupt.

When draft time comes, the Bears might want to think about an arm with the No. 14 pick.  The first two Quarterbacks will have been taken: Matt Ryan, and Brian Brohm. 

With that being said, I do believe the Bears will need to address the quarterback position sometime during the draft.  The question is whether or not there will be a quarterback available at 14 worth drafting with that pick.

In the Bears' case, I would make a push at Andre Woodson if he is still available, which he should be.  I think he would be a safe pick in the mid teens, but I would be skeptical about passing on defensive talent this early.

There seems to be a good crop of QBs this year, most of whom will be falling into the late second to the fourth round.  If I were making the Bears' draft day decisions, would I go with Woodson, or pass on him, and go after Chad Henne, a guy who is used to the chill of the North during football season? 

Henne, I believe, is the safest pick at quarterback this year.  With four years of experience at a premier college football program under his belt, he is a seasoned veteran of big games, something the Bears could most certainly use.

And best of all, he will more then likely be available halfway into the second round, since he is on basically no one's board right now. 

Therefore, the Bears can use their first pick, to acquire a defensive end like Calais Campbell.  But do not be surprised if the Bears take a QB early.

If the Bears see their man in this draft, they'd be foolish to pass on the opportunity.