The Herm Edwards Dilemma

steve strongContributor IDecember 14, 2008

While sitting in a half empty Arrowhead Stadium, watching yet another Kansas City Chiefs loss and listening to the few fans that were left at the end of the game, chant “Herm must go,” I decided to look at the facts of the case to see if I to should jump on their bandwagon.


Herm Edwards has 54 wins and 72 losses over an eight-year head coaching career. He was 39-41 after five years with the New York Jets and he is 15-31 after three years with the Kansas City Chiefs. His current 2008 Chiefs team is 2-12.


His teams have made the playoffs four times during that eight-year span. He is 2-4 in those playoff games.


His 2002 New York Jets team won his only division title with a 9-7 record.


In 2005, Herm’s Jets team finished with a 4-12 record.


In 2006, Carl Peterson, General Manager of the Kansas City Chiefs, needed a coach. He hired Herm Edwards, saying, “We selected Herm Edwards because he is without question one of the most qualified head football coaches in the NFL today.”


I decided to look up the word qualified in the dictionary. It defines as, capable, competent, skilled, and experienced.


So, what Carl Peterson was really saying is “Herm Edwards, after a 4-12 record with the Jets is, without a doubt, capable of destroying this franchise.” “I am competent the he is skilled enough to bring this team to new lows.”


“He brings an experienced process of taking a team, striping it of its identity and allowing it to become the doormat of its division.”


Maybe I’m being a little hard on Coach Edwards.


I’m not questioning Herm’s integrity or commitment. His passion and enthusiastic approach to the game is second to none.


The problem with Herm Edwards is he has never attained the success that he strives for. Some people reach that pinnacle and some, no matter how hard they try, just cant.


Even after looking at Herm Edwards record and trying to dissect the facts, I still am having a hard time to call for his firing.


Should the Chiefs ownership let Herm go or give him and Carl Peterson one more year to right the ship? I’m not sure what the answer is to that question.


I’m sure many of you have an opinion. Let me hear it. Maybe one of you can convince me one way or the other.