WWE: Will Brodus Clay vs. Mason Ryan Be the Next Big Feud?

TJ WalkerContributor IIINovember 8, 2011

When Mason Ryan returned from his injury and shocked the WWE Universe by turning face, he burst onto the scene with a standard "next big thing" type feel. He quickly buried the team of Jack Swagger and United States champ Dolph Ziggler and has since dominated every competitor he has faced.

At 6'6" and about 270 lbs, Mason Ryan is a massive example of a man. Many have even gone so far as to question whether or not the Welshman has dabbled in the use of steroids in order to create his admittedly unrealistic physique. So far, no heel has been able to stop Ryan who has been more-or-less directionless since his second coming.

In fact, there is only one heel that is plausibly capable of putting away Mason Ryan and that man is the current World Heavyweight Champion: Mark Henry. Unfortunately, Henry is currently feuding with the Big Show. And besides, everyone can agree that Ryan is nowhere near ready for a world title.

As a result, Ryan is in a sort of limbo. He is too strong to realistically go against anyone on the current roster, but not yet experienced enough to compete with resident "big men" Mark Henry and Big Show. He is currently on Team Orton for the traditional Survivor Series 10-man tag match, where he will likely play a massive role.

And then what? Who is there for Mason Ryan to contend with? Who can match the Welsh giant in strength and experience?

Well, lately there have been video clips advertising the return of former Alberto Del Rio bodyguard Brodus Clay. The vignettes make it rather clear that Clay will be returning as a monster heel who will likely dominate much of the Raw roster.

For the most part, this feud writes itself. Brodus Clay will probably make his return against a face in a squash match (probably Zack Ryder or Evan Bourne if he's back). Once Clay wins the match, it's unlikely that he will be satisfied with a simple three-count.

In comes Mason Ryan and thus begins a rivalry that can be absolutely revolutionary for both men. Even if the two simply compete in a series of grudge matches, their individual styles should mesh nicely. Neither man will be able to use their preferred style of flat-out domination against the other and as a result, both will have to use every tool in their arsenal to win.

This matchup probably will not consist of a whole lot of promos and mic work, but as these two titans begin pounding away at each other, the WWE Universe wouldn't have it any other way. A simple face battling a simple heel will keep viewers interested and these two should be able to learn a lot from each other.