Bleacher Report's Writer Call-Out List, Who Do You Want a Piece Of?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIDecember 14, 2008

Now we all know that many of the Bleacher Report's writers do not see eye to eye on everything. Which makes writing on B/R so good. If we all agreed with everything a person said then it would be kind of boring.

But the last few days and/or weeks many writers have called out members of their section, and some have called out people from other sections.

Most notably Ron Johnson of the wrestling section has called out Lisa Horne of the college football section. And since Horne is ranked the No.1 best writer on B/R it may be hard for Johnson.

Many know these two on B/R but no one has ever thought that this would happen. We the B/R writers, fans, and sports fanatics need to have a rival to step up our game. We need one to make us better.

It seems Ron and Lisa have found theirs obviously. If you want to step up your game right now and be up there with Ron and Lisa as arguably the two best writers on B/R, then you need to call someone out.

If you disagree with someone let them know, don't curse at them or call them retarded or anything, just write an article and call their mistakes out in it. Or call out what you disagree with.

Believe me I have gotten better on B/R, and I have to thank the guys who pushed my buttons. It was a rivalry after another rivalry for me. And I have gotten better because of those rivalries.

So right here right now you can call out anyone on B/R who you disagree with. I am not starting an uprising or anything. But this is sports writing, everything is legal.

If you are in the wrestling section and you disagree with the MMA section tell us why right here. Whoever or what ever you disagree with let it out. Also pimp any article about it right here too.

I have no problem with it. A little friendly rivalry never hurt anyone.

This is the B/R Call-out, tell us who you want a piece of. It could be me, your community leader, or even Zander. Although Z is a pretty good writer so you may be barking up the wrong tree.

Who do you want a piece of?