5 NASCAR Drivers I'd Be OK Marrying My Daughter or Sister

Ken ArmerSenior Writer INovember 8, 2011

5 NASCAR Drivers I'd Be OK Marrying My Daughter or Sister

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    Generally speaking, I prefer top-10 lists, but considering this list is to obtain the hand of my daughter or my older sister, it needs to be really selective. Not just any driver deserves a shot at being in my family.

    These drivers selected are great guys on and off the track. Since I couldn't decide if I wanted to pick men for my hypothetical daughter or my older sister, I decided to select two men for my sister, and three for my hypothetical daughter. Sure, most of them are married, but we can imagine they are single for the sake of argument.

    Are you a father? Tell me your thoughts on the drivers I selected.

Jeff Gordon

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    Jeff Gordon is a class act, a good driver and a guy I wouldn't have a problem welcoming into my family as a brother-in-law. He's a Christian, a great race car driver, a family man and always glad to do play his part in movies, promoting both himself and the sport in a good light as well as being active in charities.

Kevin Harvick

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    Harvick is a cool guy, a guy that I could approve of for filling the bad boy spot for any future daughter I have. He's a nice guy and a driven winner, but the type that really only blows his cool when provoked. He's a great driver, one capable of winning any race. He was tapped by Richard Childress to be Dale Earnhardt's replacement in the lineup, and he has lived up to those expectations.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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    If the day ever comes that Dale decides to settle down, he would be accepted by me to get involved with my sister. He's a class act on and off the track. Regardless of a bad race, he never loses his temper and he knows the importance of his fans, so you can bet he'd be devoted to his No. 1 fan when he finds her.

Carl Edwards

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    Carl Edwards is a man guys can look up to and women can adore. He's a humble winner, a gracious loser and a great race car driver. He's polite and a Missouri born and bred guy, much like myself. He is an easy No. 2 candidate that I would pick to be with my hypothetical daughter.

Brad Keselowski

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    If my hypothetical daughter didn't have a crush on Brad Keselowski, I'd be a bit worried. He drives a Dodge, which is enough for me since I'm an avid Mopar fan, but more than that he is young, well-spoken and an awesome driver. He's a guy that kids should look up to if they are into auto racing. A top-notch guy with a great future ahead of him in NASCAR.