TNA Impact: Is the Crimson/Matt Morgan Match the Start of a Great Rivalry?

David LevinSenior Writer IINovember 7, 2011

While everyone was processing the ending of the Bobby Roode/James Storm match where Roode captured TNA gold, something else happened that may have not been perceived to be important, but it too could change the landscape of Impact Wrestling.

Crimson accepted Matt Morgan’s challenge to determine whom the bigger “giant” is in the company at Turning Point this coming weekend.

I cringe and get giddy at the thought of this match.

Yes, Roode becoming champion was a long time coming, and it was needed to take the company to another level. It also meant there will no longer be a Beer Money, or that Fortune is quickly evaporating or that James Storm will be out of action because of the concussion he suffered at the hands of Roode.

But I think Crimson and Morgan, two men who could be the best TNA has had in a long time, could be an even better feud than Roode/Storm, Hogan/Sting or even Angle/Christian Cage.

Let me break this off for you a bit.

The one thing wrestling loves more than the cruiserweights beating the hell out of each is big mean that can move, and delight the crowds.

Both Crimson and Morgan can do both of these things.

Crimson is the poster child for success, much like Goldberg was in WCW. He has a “streak” of wins and has beaten some of the top competition in the company.

We all know about Morgan and his success and failures as a wrestler in TNA. He should have been a champion many times over by now, but as the “blueprint” of the business, he has not had as much success.

And of course when the two met face to face in the ring last week, there was electricity and of course, magic.

Does TNA need this rivalry? I think so. The match between the two and Samoa Joes at Bound for Glory was the beginning of something great and while the two will battle to see who is better (and continue to give credibility to Crimson’s winning streak), it will help bridge the gap left by Storm’s absence.

Morgan needs more of a push as well. He has been halted in his ascent to the top of the mountain and has even mentioned a flirtation with the WWE, so this would be a chance to prove the giant has been “sleeping” all this time and he ready to face the biggest challenge of his TNA career.

But in the end, the importance of this rivalry mean more than wins and loses. It just shows the company will make the best possible matches and work to find the right combinations that strike gold for TNA and its fans.