Buffalo Bills Continue to Show Real Selves in Loss to New York Jets

Todd MorseAnalyst IDecember 14, 2008

The Bills have sucked the life out of me.  They're boring, they're bad, and whenever I watch them play, I don't enjoy myself.  How are you doing?  

A pass play was called on second-and-5 with 2:06 left, the Bills in the lead, and the team averaging six yards per carry on the day. 

For anyone who has ever watched J.P. Losman play in a game, the result was typical, vintage Losman. The mistakes?  Numerous. 

Assuming the Jets wouldn't be prepared for a play that asks Losman to throw and run.  Assuming Losman, who has a history of freezing in both critical situations and when asked to think, would suddenly find his clutchosity and execute.

Assuming, the offensive line (which, did you know is the biggest in the NFL?), would continue to give Losman all the time in the world, which he needed to find his open receivers. Assuming the Bills would find their mettle and come through.

Still, calling a pass play wasn't bad strategy.  If it was executed properly, the team puts the game away. 


I understand the call. A rollout is the only way to guarantee six seconds come off the clock if you're putting the ball in JP's hands. But the issue to me isn't that they called a pass play, its that they called a rollout where JP's back is to half the field and they're asking him to think.


What had worked all day for JP were the quick strikes on slants to his receivers, or hanging in the pocket and hitting his checkdowns.


In fact, it seemed all day like JP was trying to make the point that he doesn't telegraph his passes and can hit someone other than his primary receiver, and was fairly successful at it.  


the game leaves many questions:


Was there never a chance to go deep?  Shouldn't they, at some point in the game, with Evans and Parrish being two of the fastest receivers in the league and Losman’s best asset being his cannon, just run a fly?  


Still, if the short passes are the kind of plays which are working, does it really make sense to ask JP to rollout and use his brain, something he consistently, notoriously fails at?  One of Losman's best plays was his touchdown run, where he hung in the pocket, scanned the field quickly, then tucked and ran for the score.  In fact, all of his best plays were from the pocket.


In the end, the Bills were beaten by a better team.  The Jets were simply smarter and tried harder. 


I don't blame the coaches for that specific call, but in game 14, the team should be better.  Players shouldn't be out of position.  Both the linebackers and the secondary seemed out of position all day.  


Yes, Posluszny had an interception, but sometimes the ball bounces your way and I’m inclined to think that was more luck than anything else.  Hands down, Posluszny and Whitner are two of the most overrated players in the league.

Good teams are aware of what to do and when to do it, and simply put, the Bills have no clue. Teams are supposed to improve throughout a season.

Bad teams are supposed to become average, average teams are supposed to become above-average, and above-average teams are supposed to become good.  Like a Rogaine user who stopped using the product, the team, from coaches to players, have regressed.

These aren't just plays good teams make, they are scenarios in which good teams understand what to do.

Are there still passionate Bills fans out there?  If so, be angry, be frustrated, be mad.   But don't be angry with the coaches for calling one single pass play.  Be frustrated that the team is bad at football and they don't know what to do.