New York Yankees: 4 Prospects Who Will Rise Fast in 2012

Danielle Ennis@ennismenace11Contributor IINovember 8, 2011

New York Yankees: 4 Prospects Who Will Rise Fast in 2012

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    After a year that posed many questions for the Yankees continuous success and a lineup that will be rearranged throughout the next few months, the 2012 prospects can find themselves rising to the majors.

    The gaps that need to be filled, and the aging lineup that needs to see some youth will rely on these minor league players—some as young as 18—to hone their skills and bring something new to the plate. 

    Here are three pitchers and a catcher that could do it. 

Manny Banuelos

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    This 20-year-old left-hander made an impression in spring training, pitching well against big-league hitters with a 2.13 era in 12.2 innings.

    He has a solid change-up and breakup pitch and has a consistent delivery that keeps the ball in the strike-zone.

    Mariana Rivera claims him to be the greatest pitching prospect he's ever seen. If he can live up to that, then his 2012 rise should be one we all watch. 

Gary Sanchez

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    This low-A catcher is only 18 years old and is often shadowed behind the talk of Jesus Montero. But, at 6-foot-2 and 195 pounds, Sanchez has more of a catchers build than Montero, who's 6'4", 230-pound figure could hold him back. 

    While he'll need to hone his skills behind the plate, he hits for average and power and could dramatically improve. 

David Phelps

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    Brian Cashman said this right-handed pitchers could potentially make impact on the club next season. After his 2010 season he was named Yankees minor league pitcher of the year, while Baseball America pegged him as having the best slider in the Yankees organization.  

    He has performed well in the minors, with his highest ERA never exceeding 3.10, and his career ERA at 2.62.

Dellin Betances

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    This Brooklyn native is known for his deadly curveball, but delivers even more of a punch with a fastball between 93 and 96 mph. In 2010, he had at least 10 strikeouts per nine innings. 

    Many right-handed pitchers are high on the prospect list, but what gives Betances an unique advantage is his height and long wingspan that allows for him to throw downhill, forcing the batters to wait longer for his release.