WWE Survivor Series 2011: Top 5 Divas Moments in Survivor Series History

Justin Watry@@JustinWatrySenior WriterNovember 7, 2011

WWE Survivor Series 2011: Top 5 Divas Moments in Survivor Series History

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    The WWE divas! Everybody loves them!

    However, they have been featured less and less the past few years on WWE TV.

    As recently seen, the women of WWE seem to be making a "comeback" on Raw and SmackDown each and every week. Today, I continue my Survivor Series countdowns with a look back at the top moments from the ladies of the WWE.

5. Lita vs. Ivory in 2000

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    The match itself was pretty good.

    It was nothing special, but it was a fine contest.

    The reason it makes the list because Lita was busted open pretty badly on her forehead about five minutes in.

    Just the image of her bloody face was enough to make this list. It was an accident (of course), but it was one of the rare times a woman was seen in that condition.

    Bravo to Lita for going on with the match and putting on a great show!

4. Lita Leaves WWE in 2006

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    The match was Lita vs. Mickie James for the Women's Title.

    The fans already knew it was Lita's last match (she announced it the Raw prior), and everyone knew Mickie was the top diva.

    Thus, the outcome was not much in doubt. Sure, Lita could have retired as champion (like Trish months earlier), but that was never an option here.

    Lita put over Mickie in a nice match, and she lost her final match with WWE.

    That is exactly how it should be done. The post-match with Lita was questionable, but I had no problems with her being "humiliated."

    Great final night for Lita!

3. Nattie Wins the Title and Beth Phoenix Returns in 2010

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    I loved Laycool as "Co-Champions!"

    Sadly, this was not their night. Natayla defeated both Michelle McCool and Layla with relative ease to win the Diva's Championship.

    Of course, Laycool attacked her afterwards for a beatdown.

    That brought out Beth Phoenix for the save, as she made her return to ring action! Nice moment for the two.

2. Trish vs. Victoria in 2002

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    Trish defended her Women's Title against Victoria here in a Street Fight.

    Where did the event take place? Well, in New York City at Madison Square Garden, ironically!

    The match was great. It had its "moment," but it was exactly what it should have been.

    A clear-cut babyface taking on a clear-cut heel in a brutal battle for the prized championship.

    Victoria won in the end, and her reign of terror began.

    Both did an amazing job here in a stipulation match many might have found impossible to conquer. They did so perfectly!

1. Trish Stratus Officially Arrives in 2001

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    This was Trish Stratus' breakout moment. This was her moment!

    She had wrestled for awhile, but I don't think many took her very seriously—until this night!

    It was a Six Pack Challenge for the vacant Women's Title, so it was anybody's guess as to who would win.

    The last pick of the bunch to win the gold? Trish Stratus!

    What happened? All the ladies put on a wonderful match that ended with Trish winning her first title in WWE.

    She had officially arrived in the company and went on to become the greatest diva of all time!


    Reminder: I am now on Twitter @JustinWatry. I accept all newcomers, so do not be shy in following me!

    Reminder: I am now on Twitter @JustinWatry. I accept all newcomers, so do not be shy in following me!