St. Louis Rams: Salas Stepped in for Amendola, but Who Steps in for Salas?

David HeebCorrespondent INovember 7, 2011

This tackled ended a promising rookie season for Greg Salas.
This tackled ended a promising rookie season for Greg Salas.Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Greg Salas ran a simple crossing route, caught the ball with those sure hands of his and was tackled for a short gain.  It was a routine play, the kind you see about two dozen times in a typical NFL football game.

Except, this time, Greg Salas didn't get up. 

When I saw Salas grabbing his leg after such a routine play, I knew it was bad.  It's always bad when a play looks just as normal as it can be, but the player in question can't get up.  That's when you know the slow motion replay is coming.

Sure enough, they showed the replay.  Sure enough, Greg Salas' leg was not supposed to bend that way.

So, out came the emergency crew with the air cast, and just like that, Greg Salas' season was over.  It was a huge blow to the Rams, who don't have a ton of playmakers on offense to begin with.  Salas was one of the few promising young players the Rams had on that side of the ball.

I've been beating the Salas drum for weeks now.  I love his toughness, love his hands and I thought that in time he could actually be an upgrade over Danny Amendola.

You remember Amendola, right?

He was the Rams' slot receiver prior to Salas taking over that role.  Amendola was Sam Bradford's favorite target, but he got hurt during Week 1 when his elbow bent about 90 degrees in the wrong direction.

So it looks like the Rams have to go back to the drawing board, again. 

Amendola won't be back until next season, and I'd say the same is true about Salas.  Second-year receiver Danario Alexander can't seem to stay healthy (hamstring, knee), and rookie tight end Lance Kendricks also left yesterday's game with an apparent injury (foot/ankle). 

In a lost season, at least these young guys were getting their feet wet.  Now, it looks like Sam Bradford, once again, will have to break in some new receivers.