WWE: Is It Wrong Asking the Undertaker to Return When He's in Such Bad Shape?

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IINovember 7, 2011

There has been much talk lately about if, when and how WWE Legend The Undertaker could make a return to the ring either by year's end or come WrestleMania XXVIII.

According to LordsofPain.net. Both Taker and his wife, former Women's Champion Michelle McCool, were spotted backstage at a recent Live Monday Night show.

"The Undertaker and his wife Michelle McCool were backstage at the October 24th RAW Supershow from Austin, TX. According to sources backstage, both Undertaker and McCool were talking to WWE officials about possible scenarios where they could both return to television." 

(Source: LordsofPain.net writer Michael Bluth and Wrestling News Observer)

It's true the couple does reside in Austin so this could merely be coincidence, but what if it really wasn't?

We all know the extent of The Phenom's injuries sustained over the last couple of years and they truly have taken a toll on his body to the point where he gets to grace the Squared Circle only a few times a year if we are lucky.

He has become such a landmark that his Streak matches are just as, if not more, valuable as any WWE championship match during the WrestleMania event. We need to have one otherwise it just wouldn't be the same.

Miss McCool for her part, had retired earlier this year after reigning supreme over the Women's (not Divas) division since let's say 2008 in which she became the very first Divas Champion in history.

This decision was made, according to her, in order to heal her body, watch over her husband and maybe even start a family. She is 31, he is 46. All noble reasons of course.

As much as I would love to see them return to television every now and then, I think it would be a mistake to put him in the line of fire when we are so close to WrestleMania and what some say could be his last match.

Let me be clear...only The Undertaker knows or can say when it will be his last match. Capice?

**A side note: McCool could fit in quite nicely in the "Divas of Doom versus Barbies" storyline as would Lita so bring them in anytime people.

Yes, it doesn't hurt to ask and if all parties agree then why not, but I would advise against it unless it is a non-competing role. Scaring the hell out of Mark Henry or Alberto Del Rio would be great and "Tombstoning" John Cena would be Christmas come early but we have yet to see if it can become reality.

If he doesn't wrestle then what could he be doing? It is hard to imagine him not getting involved if someone called him out right? I know "No Holds Barred" matches allow some leeway for participants involved but nobody really goes for constant outside interference and that kinda kills it for me.

Perhaps the fact that Undertaker is planning a return means his injuries have healed and he is medically safe to compete. That would be wonderful news. Would he be willing to take risks however, that is another question.

He doesn't have to follow in the footsteps of others like Flair and Hogan, who are still working. They have broken bodies now and after so many surgeries you'd think they would have learned, but it's in their blood. Therefore, I see them doing it until they either can't at all or pass away. Sad.

I just hope Undertaker plays it safe and instead, gives us the best damn WrestleMania match ever and comes out 20-0.

Who will the lucky (or unlucky) opponent be? Any guesses?