Sean Avery, A Toronto Maple Leaf?

Roy SteevesContributor IDecember 13, 2008

Avery a Maple Leaf?  Sounds crazy right? 

With the recent Sean Avery fiasco, it seems like the Dallas Stars do not want Sean Avery to return to the team in any capacity weather it be in the line up or in the minors.  But are they really willing to keep him on the roster and take a $4 million dollar cap hit? 

The Stars could also place him on waivers, however is there a team willing to take a chance on him and his mouth at $4 million a season over the next three years? Not likely.

Here is a scenario that makes sense for two teams in trouble this season:

With Dallas looking possibly to off load Avery, what could they get in return for such a combustible element?  The answer is in Toronto and his name is Jason Blake.  The two players have two things in common: both coming into the league in 1999 as free agents and they have also put up similar point totals in the last 2 seasons.

However, that is it. Blake is more of the strong silent type and Avery is more of the loud and obnoxious rock star type.

The Stars would gain a cool, calm, collected second or third line winger that can line up on either side of center and who can also put up 30 plus points a season.  The Leafs would gain the toughness and attitude that they are lacking this season.  Because let’s face it, Avery, although a controversial character, would add some much needed personality to the rebuilding Leafs.

What would the Stars need to do to make a deal like this happen? 

The Leafs would need to trade Jason Blake and probably a third round draft pick and the Stars would have to trade Avery and pick up the tab on a third to half of his salary over the next couple seasons. 

Sounds like a raw deal for the Stars, however, you have to ask yourself one question if you are Co-GM’s Brett hull and Les Jackson: How much is peace of mind worth?