BCS: 5 Teams That Hold All the Cards

Aaron McKinneyCorrespondent IIINovember 7, 2011

BCS: 5 Teams That Hold All the Cards

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    The biggest game of the year is in the books and LSU is now the front-runner to fill one seat at the final table. Oklahoma State can control its own destiny, but after them the picture is much more complicated. 

    After those teams there really is no clear-cut favorite. Every contender after the Tigers and Cowboys have variables and caveats attached to them. There are, however, a few teams that have a bit more control over the big picture. 

    Unfortunately, there may be only one undefeated team in the end and they have absolutely no control. Boise State will have to wait and see if half a dozen or more teams can fumble away their opportunities.

    Until that happens, here are the teams that have to use their "poker faces."


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    Yes, they're upset right now, but Alabama really has no one to be upset with except themselves.

    If they don't miss the field goals in regulation, the missed one in overtime is irrelevant. The Tide just made too many mistakes and that's not Nick Saban.

    They probably should've won and that's why they only slid one spot in the BCS. Even a loss only bumped them from two to three. Now they're on the verge of threatening to be the first BCS Championship participant to not win their conference.

    The rivalry game against Auburn will now loom large.


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    Even without Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma still looks like the Texas Tech game never happened. 

    The Sooner biggest key is the Oklahoma State Cowboys. If they can get past them, they may carry more weight than anybody else. Baylor and RGIII won't be a cakewalk, but this team is gaining momentum.

    The computers have long loved the Big XII and may give the Sooner the edge over any other team if they were to upend the Cowboys. They also have a well-placed prep game against Iowa State the previous week. 


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    Remember the Oregon Ducks? Yeah, the team that played for the BCS title last year? They're back!

    Since they lost their season opener to LSU, they've reeled off eight straight and are now preparing for a showdown with Stanford for what will likely be the PAC-12 championship. 

    The Ducks lost to LSU, but weren't blown out. They've also rebounded nicely and looked stronger every week. This also means that they're piquing at the right time.

    This team should not be taken lightly. They've been there before and know what it takes to get there. 


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    Arkansas has already lost to Alabama. Alabama has lost to LSU. If Arkansas can take down LSU in the season finale, they can create an interesting three-way tie for the SEC West.

    The Razorbacks can really throw a wrench into the SEC race if they can run the table. It would really create some chaos, especially if a team like Oklahoma State loses and Boise State is the only remaining undefeated team.

    This team's real problem is a lack of defense as the Tide rolled up 38 points on them. But if they can find a way, Arkansas can cause some havoc in the coming weeks. 

Virginia Tech & Clemson

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    The ACC could play a huge role down the stretch in the BCS.

    Virginia Tech and Clemson control their destinies in their divisions and would face each other. That would put them in position to steal the BCS from the other secondary contenders.

    Each has one ranked team left on their schedules and they have already played each other. An ACC championship game featuring two teams that could possibly be ranked in the top 10 would do wonders to boost the winner to the BCS.