Philadelphia Eagles' Michael Vick: The 4 Biggest Runs of His Career

Yueh Ho@@YuehHoCorrespondent INovember 7, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles' Michael Vick: The 4 Biggest Runs of His Career

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    With the most rushing yards in NFL history by a quarterback, Michael Vick is perhaps the most exciting player ever to play professional football.

    Ever since his rookie season, anytime he got his hands on the ball (and as a quarterback, it was almost every offensive play) spectators were on the edge of their seats, knowing that something exciting could be just around the corner.

    And now Vick has evolved even more as a player.

    With the ability to pass far more precisely than he did in Atlanta, Vick is a much more complete player and a better quarterback in Philadelphia than he ever was with the Atlanta Falcons.

    Yet, even if Vick wins a Super Bowl in Philadelphia, or even two or three, people will not remember him as much for his passing ability or his big arm. Yes, they will remember that cannon arm, but Vick is and always will be most famous for his superhuman speed and for being the best scrambling QB this game has ever seen.

    To create a list of the best scrambles Michael Vick's ever had was a difficult task, but here are the four best scrambles of Vick's career...

4. Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles, 2010

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    While perhaps there are more breathtaking and exhilarating runs of Vick's career, his run against the Green Bay Packers while taking over for the injured Kevin Kolb proved all the doubters wrong—those who wrote him off as washed up and no longer the athlete he once was.

    Vick dropped back to pass, and was being blitzed, but scrambled left to evade the pressure. Then he darted upfield, utilizing his blockers and his speed to get all the way to the red zone.

    Then he dove for the end zone, only to be knocked out by safety Nick Collins at the Packers' 2-yard line.

    Vick failed to get into the end zone on that run (although the Eagles would later score off a LeSean McCoy run) but the run showed that he still had his speed and his field vision, the very skills that made him one of the most feared players in the NFL when he was with Atlanta.

    And the run may have been enough to convince Andy Reid that perhaps it was time for a changing of the guard at quarterback.

    (In this highlights video, I am referring to the second run that is shown.)

3. Touchdown Run vs. Boston College, 2000

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    This run does not rank higher since it was in college, and not in the pros, but anyone with eyes can see Vick's incredible talent and how incredible it was.

    From behind the 20-yard line, Vick is blitzed; any other quarterback would have been sacked there and then.

    Not Michael Vick.

    Vick beat his man, then turned upfield, beat another man, and another man. And then he evaded a final tackler at the goal line and ran in for the touchdown.

    He made the entire Boston College defense look silly with nothing more than his field awareness, vision and pure athleticism. 

    Truly amazing.

2. Run vs. New Orleans Saints

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    This run was purely phenomenal.

    Vick dropped back for a play action, only to be met by a good defensive call by the Saints, as Vick immediately found himself with defenders in his face.  He fled the pocket, but Saints defenders were waiting for him every step of the way, anticipating that he would run.

    Regardless of the seemingly perfect defensive formation, Vick outran every single defender and broke a few tackles until he was finally pushed out of bounds at the  7-yard line.

    Breathtaking and simply phenomenal.

1. Michael Vick OT Winning Run vs. Vikings

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    In a game against the Minnesota Vikings that went into overtime, the Falcons put Vick in a passing situation to move the ball into field-goal range.

    But Vick thought otherwise. He immediately took off and Vikings defenders scrambled to catch him.

    He made every one of them look silly, and caused two Vikings to run into each other in their attempts to catch the superhuman quarterback.

    In this moment, the game was on the line in overtime and the Vikings could not stop Vick. His raw 173 yards attest to that incredible athleticism.

    It was this run that showed how truly frightening Vick could be for opponents and for defensive coordinators. Too often opponents could game-plan against him all week, but still fail to stop him.