NFL Week 15 Predictions: To Be, or Not To Be, That Is the Question

Mike CraigCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2008

So, Thursday Night Football this week signified the first time I was wrong on a Thursday night game. The Chicago Bears beat the New Orleans Saints in overtime. So what does that do to the rest of the NFC?

The AFC South is already locked up by the Tennessee Titans. Meanwhile, the Indianapolis Colts are making a good run for a wild card spot.

The NFC East was locked up by the Giants last week, regardless of their loss to the Eagles. Only because the Cowboys lost to the Steelers as well. Now, the Cowboys have to win out in order to make it to the playoffs. That is, of course, if the Falcons do not win out as well.

The NFC West was also locked up by the Arizona Cardinals. Was there even any doubt? Well, the 49ers ARE making a good run here in December. Perhaps the 49ers will finish 8-8?

Now, onto the divisions that are not locked up. The big question mark amongst these divisions is the AFC East. It's a three-way tie between the New York Jets, the New England Patriots, and the Miami Dolphins.

The Jets play the bottom feeders of the the AFC East division this week, he Buffalo Bills. If I remember correctly, they're not doing so hot anymore.

The Patriots play Oakland; they couldn't possibly ask for an easier game than that, correct?

The Dolphins are unfortunate to play a team that has seemed to of found some sort of luck recently. The 49ers could play a pivotal rule in who wins the AFC East.

Up North in the AFC, there are only two teams who are battling for the the division. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens.

Pittsburgh was able to beat the Cowboys last week helping thing Giants lock up their division regardless of their loss. Now, the Steelers will play Baltimore in probably the most important game of the season. The Ravens have home-field advantage. This is going to be a close one

That would bring us to the AFC West, where the Denver Broncos are currently in the lead. However, the San Diego Chargers are still there. Not close behind, but behind.

The Broncos play the Panthers this week which should prove to be a good game. However if the Broncos want to make sure that they do in fact win this division, they better win.

As for the Chargers, well they play the Kansas City Chiefs which should prove to be an easy game for them. Especially if last weeks trudging of Oakland is any indication of how this team is going to start performing.

In the NFC, we only have two divisions that are not locked up yet. The first of the two is the NFC North. Although not very likely to happen, the Green Bay Packers are still in the hunt. Meanwhile, the Chicago Bears or the Minnesota Vikings are the ones who will more than likely win it.

The Vikings start the first of their last three hard games of the season as they play the Arizona Cardinals. If they lose this one, then the Bears and the Vikings are tied yet again for first. Because of tie breakers, the Bears would be in the lead.

Seeming how the Bears already played and beat the Saints this weekend, we will talk about the Packers. This weekend the Packers play the Jacksonville Jaguars. However whether or not that will be a victory is another story.

In the NFC South, we have three teams that are still fighting for the division. And more than likely, the two teams that do not win it will be in the playoffs anyway. The Carolina Panthers currently lead the division, with the Bucs one game behind. Then you have the Atlanta Falcons, who are two games behind.

The Carolina Panthers play the Denver Broncos, which is probably an easier game for them than people may be expecting.

Tampa Bay plays Atlanta this weekend which could prove to be yet another important game in the NFC South. This will be the Bucs' second one in two weeks.

Sunday, Dec. 14, 2008

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-4) @ Atlanta Falcons (8-5) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Falcons

Washington Redskins (7-6) @ Cincinnati Bengals (1-11-1) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Redskins

Tennessee Titans (12-1) @ Houston Texans (6-7) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Titans

Green Bay Packers (5-8) @ Jacksonville Jaguars (4-9) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Jaguars

San Francisco 49ers (5-8) @ Miami Dolphins (8-5) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: 49ers

Seattle Seahawks (2-11) @ St. Louis Rams (2-11) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Seahawks

Buffalo Bills (6-7) @ New York Jets (8-5) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Jets

San Diego Chargers (5-8) @ Kansas City Chiefs (2-11) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Chargers

Detroit Lions (0-13) @ Indianapolis Colts (9-4) at 1:00 PM
My Pick: Colts

Minnesota Vikings (8-5) @ Arizona Cardinals (8-5) at 4:05 PM
My Pick: Cardinals

Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3) @ Baltimore Ravens (9-4) at 4:15 PM
My Pick: Steelers

Denver Broncos (8-5) @ Carolina Panthers (10-3) at 4:15 PM
My Pick: Panthers

New England Patriots (8-5) @ Oakland Raiders (3-10) at 4:15 PM
My Pick: Patriots

New York Giants (11-2) @ Dallas Cowboys (8-5) at 8:15 PM
My Pick: Giants

Monday, Dec. 15, 2008
Cleveland Browns
(4-9) @ Philadelphia Eagles (7-5-1) at 8:30 PM
My Pick: Eagles


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