Washington Huskies Football: 2008 Season Recap

Kevin CacabelosSenior Analyst IDecember 13, 2008

With the bowl season approaching, I feel that it's appropriate to conclude the regular college football season with my final thoughts on the Huskies' 2008 season:

Tyrone Willingham 
The worst coach in college football this year. Couldn't win with Locker and sure as hell couldn't win without Locker. I truly believe that the idea of making adjustments did not make sense to him.
This whole season, the Huskies' second-half execution sucked. Any coach would have been an adequate replacement. You can't get worse than being the coach of the worst team in college football.

Jake Locker 
The time Purple Jesus was with us, he showed us his best skills. His game: scrambling and keeping the ball by running and making plays for himself.
His throwing accuracy was just as a bad as the year before. He must improve his accuracy to be able to play at the NFL level.
However, it seemed when he was under pressure or when he had to scramble, his pass accuracy went up. 
Definitely no baseball for you this summer, Mr. Locker. One of the first goals of coach Sarkisian? Improve Locker's throwing accuracy. And...I really would prefer not to talk about the BYU game.

Juan Garcia
Also known as "The Miracle Foot" or "six years, not four". This six-year senior you have to feel bad for. He's got to be the definition of a loyal teammate. To be with the Huskies so long and watch himself and his teammates lose, game after game, is impressive.
He has one of the biggest hearts coming out of this mess, and I wish him well in whatever his life after college football brings to him.

Ryan Perkins and the Apple Cup
Now knowing that you had a messed up leg when you kept missing field goals at the Apple Cup, I'm not so mad anymore. However, the special teams needs to be improved.
The Huskies need to recruit a solid and consistent kicker and a solid punter if they ever want to compete again. Just about every aspect of special teams has sucked under Tyrone Willingham.

Reasons We Sucked
+No running game
+Jake Locker's injury
+Terrible coaching
+Bad special teams
+Tough schedule

My God. It's kind of hard for me to believe that we didn't win one game. NOT ONE GAME. We lost every single game this season. That is pretty ridiculous. I can't imagine how any coach would want to take in the worst team in college football and the only winless team in college football.
Thank God this season is over. I forgot how winning a game feels like it. What's even worse is that every single freshman on the team has no idea what it feels to win a game. Poor frosh. :(

Fan Support
Meh. Anyone who came out to any game this season deserves a pat in the back. It's actually surprising to see how many people still showed up to games.
But I've realized that Husky football is sort of a culture on Saturday afternoons in Seattle. The way the Huskies have been performing doesn't prevent people from enjoying the nice sunny fall days of tailgating. Even though we knew we were going to lose, we still showed up.

Toughest Schedule in the Nation
Let's see: 8 out of 12 games came against bowl teams. That would include Oklahoma, who will play for the BCS national championship.
A pretty crappy season all around (understatement)...............SO GLAD IT'S OVER!

Go Dawgs!

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