The Sooner's Summit: Sam Bradford Wins 2008 Heisman Trophy

Gage Arnold@GageArnoldCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2008

He did it. It's all over. Send it in Jerome.

All of these are great ending to monumental moments. The same could be added to Sam Bradford's season as it was capped off Saturday night with his capturing of the Heisman Trophy.

Bradford, the amazingly accurate and athletically gifted quarterback, defined what it was to be a Heisman. His numbers of over 4,500 passing yards, the passer rating title, and not to mention throwing for 50 touchdowns. It really is tough to look at that and say he does not deserve the title.

The final count for the voting was Sam Bradford with 1,726, Colt McCoy with 1,604, and Tim Tebow with 1,575. This was in fact the closest race since the 2001 Heisman where Eric Crouch edged Rex Grossman by 62 points and this lived exactly up to it's hype as being the closest in run in years.

You really can't help but to feel good for this kid though. "I was definitely surprised and I think it's everything I imagined," said Bradford when asked about the whole experience. And it seemed destiny that he would win with such gaudy numbers.

Sam also has on his side the complete truth of his team possibly being the greatest offensive team in the history of college football ever. That my friend is an honor.

Oklahoma and Florida face off on January 8th for the National Title as well, and should definitely provide a few sparks as Tebow really wasn't too happy about not garnering the stiff-arming trophy for the second year. But don't worry Tim, you could always come back next year...

You really can't feel good for Colt McCoy. I mean what a total disgrace to see for a kid. If only he didn't announce he was coming back next year before the voting was over. While beating Bradford's team head-to-head, numbers prevailed in the end over McCoy, as usual.

And as stated before, it came down to timing. That is what everything rolls around. That is what won the Heisman.

When you think of Sam Bradford, you think of him rolling up 60's on Big 12 teams. When you think of Texas, you still think of that one loss to Tech. That is the difference. Bradford's timing made the difference in it all. Sadly that is what this world has relished to, but the real question is whether or not we will ever have a true winner? That, I truly cannot answer.

But now we're beginning to see a trend. The Big 12 and Heisman winners, they are running hand in hand. Where are we going as a sport? I can answer with one simple phrase.

The Big 12, where Heisman winners are found.

Congratulations Sam on an astounding season.