WWE Survivor Series 2011 Prediction: Who Will Survive in Madison Square Garden?

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IINovember 20, 2011

WWE Survivor Series 2011 Prediction: Who Will Survive in Madison Square Garden?

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    This Sunday, WWE returns to Madison Square Garden as the 25th edition of Survivor Series is presented to us on PPV, and it has shaped up to look like one epic PPV, my friends.

    Also known as the Fall Classic, Survivor Series is WWE's second longest running event, and has brought up many of the most memorable moments in wrestling history. It is one of the most cherished PPVs in history, and gave birth to the traditional Survivor Series elimination match.

    The last time Survivor Series was in Madison Square Garden was nine years ago, where we witnessed the debut of the dangerous Elimination Chamber. The match went on to be one of WWE's most dangerous and famous matches.

    And now, this year, Survivor Series looks to celebrate its 25h anniversary in grand style as The Rock returns to the ring to team up with John Cena, CM Punk challenges Del Rio for the WWE Title, Big Show and Mark Henry look to clash for the World Title and more!

    Who will be survivors at this cherished event and make themselves famous?

    Well here are my predictions for the match card this Sunday.

Divas Championship Lumberjill Match: Beth Phoenix (c) vs Eve

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    Beth Phoenix looks to keep the Pin-Up Strong movement going when she defends the Divas Championship against Eve in a Lumberjill Match.

    Ever since Beth and Natalya joined forces, they have done all they can to rid the WWE of the "barbie dolls," and bring honor, dignity and wrestling back to the Divas Division. After several attempts, Beth finally captured the Divas Championship, seemingly signifying a new era.

    But now the other Divas have begun to fight back. Tired of their assumptions and supposed jealousy, they have begun to rally together, wanting the division to stay the way they want. Now, Beth must once again defend against Eve in a ring that will be surrounded by those very Divas.

    Ever since Beth has been in the title picture, the quality of PPV Divas matches has gone up significantly in my book. Her last match with Eve was pretty good, so their encounter here should be no different.

    Yet in a Lumberjill Match, the odds will not be in Beth's favor as many of the Divas will have been scorned by her and Natalya. It's very likely it will degenerate into a brawl with the Divas, as these matches always do, and unfortunately take away from the wrestling.

    In the end, however, I see Beth retaining against all odds, and continuing her movement, and down the road face Natalya for the title.

    Prediction: Beth Phoenix

United States Championship: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs John Morrison

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    With his future in WWE up in the air, John Morrison looks to take the US Title away from the longest reigning champ in WWE today, Dolph Ziggler.

    This match came about when, after three months of losing due to his attitude towards Stratus, John Morrison defeated Ziggler on Raw two weeks ago. A shocker to us all, it left us all wondering just where WWE was going with Morrison, and if he was truly leaving or not.

    Many, including me, predicted that Ryder would challenge for the US Title, or a Triple Threat Match. Instead, only Morrison will challenge for the title at Survivor Series. This has not gone unnoticed, as WWE and Zack Ryder have made it known how ridiculous it was that Zack Ryder wasn't getting a title shot.

    Regardless, Morrison is getting a shot that many thought he wouldn't get, and it's very back-and-forth on who will win. Some think that Morrison will job one last time to Ziggler before he leaves, while others think it's time for Ziggler to drop the title and Morrison will take it.

    Either way, this is my choice for show-stealer of the night, if WWE is willing to let it be. In the end, I have to go with John Morrison for the win. Expect a Zack Ryder appearance while you're at it.

    Prediction: John Morrison

Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: Team Orton vs Team Barrett

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    Team Orton looks to stop the rise of Team Barrett in the match that Survivor Series was built around, a Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match.

    The Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match has been a namesake of the PPV event ever since its inception. Usually consisting of five men on each team, the teams do battle with one another and a wrestler is eliminated when they are pinned or submitted. The match ends when one team is completely eliminated, the other team left standing.

    This match has been the launching platform for up-and-coming superstars to make their mark and break out in the scene, especially if they are the "sole survivor." John Cena, The Rock and Randy Orton are several men who have used this match to help launch them to the next level, so surviving in this match is critically important.

    Team Orton will consist of Randy Orton leading Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston, Mason Ryan and Sheamus, while Team Barrett will have Wade Barrett leading Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and Hunico, with Christian likely in their corner.

    There is a lot of star power in this match, as well as several amazing wrestling talents, though there are few guys who aren't all that good in the ring and really don't deserve to be in this match.

    Regardless, this should be a good match, and I have to say that Team Barrett will get the win, with Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler surviving.

    Prediction: Team Barrett

World Heavyweight Championship: Mark Henry (c) vs Big Show

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    It will be a clash of giants as Big Show seeks revenge on Mark Henry with the World Heavyweight Title on the line.

    This rivalry goes all the way back to Money in the Bank, where Mark Henry broke Big Show's ankle, sidelining him for months. The giant was out for vengeance and would settle for nothing less. Big Show managed to become the only person who could go toe-to-toe with the World's Strongest Man without being dominated at every turn.

    And then their title match at Vengeance came. The two big men surprised us all by arguably stealing the show, but their real moment was them imploding the entire ring with a superplex. It was something that had the fans talking and, ultimately, it caused the match to end in a no contest. But now, we will see the two go once more, and with the ring reinforced we will have a winner.

    This rivalry has been a pleasant surprise, and has been kind of good. They managed to deliver a surprisingly good match at Vengeance, and you feel that there is legitimate bad blood between these two men.

    These two seem to mesh well together, as they have delivered good matches one way or another, so I expect a good match, not an amazing match, but a good match when it comes to men of their size.

    In the end, look for Mark Henry to retain his World Title, and continue his dominant reign, but this rivalry will not be over by a long shot.

    Prediction: Mark Henry

WWE Championship: Alberto Del Rio (c) vs CM Punk

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    The Voice of the Voiceless CM Punk will try to make the WWE interesting again as he tries to wrench the WWE Title away from Alberto Del Rio.

    This rivalry goes all the way back to SummerSlam, where Del Rio cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Punk after he was Jacknifed by Nash, and he stole the title from the weakened Punk.

    CM Punk was able to cash in his rematch clause, but it was to be in a Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match and, once again, Del Rio screwed Punk again with a lead pipe and stole the title from Punk again.

    Now, after some "persuasion," Punk has finally gotten Del Rio to give him a title shot, and will finally get a one-on-one match for the title.

    Punk has managed to get the better of Del Rio for weeks, dusting off his Anaconda Vice to battle the Cross Armbreaker. Del Rio's anger has reached it's boiling point, and he managed to deliver a beating on Punk, and goes into Survivor Series with the momentum on his side.

    The build to this match has surprised me as I have enjoyed it. Punk can be given the credit for most of it, but Del Rio sure as hell did his part in this rivalry. I am really looking forward to this match thanks to the build, and I'm sure it will deliver.

    These two men have shown that they can put on a good match with one another, and I am expecting some big things from this match.

    Both men have great reasons that they will walk out champion but, in the end, I choose the Best in the World to take his rightful place on top.

    Prediction: CM Punk

Never Before, Never Again: The Rock and John Cena vs The Miz and R-Truth

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    Never before, never again.

    The Rock returns to in-ring action after seven years to team with John Cena to face the Awesome Truth.

    For months, Awesome Truth has terrorized the WWE, hellbent on defeating a conspiracy they believe is keeping them down. They have crashed WWE events and destroyed personnel, usurped Triple H from power over Raw, defeated men such as Punk and HHH and have established themselves as WWE's most dangerous force.

    They have targeted John Cena who has had enough of these two and, in an effort to put an end to these two once and for all, he has chosen The Rock to be his tag partner at Survivor Series!

    The Rock accepted and it's a dream team, but The Miz and R-Truth are tired of John Cena and The Rock always having the spotlight, and they'll look to end that once and for all.

    This is the match the whole PPV has been built around, the main selling point for Survivor Series. The hype for it is high, and the possibilities for how this match will go are endless.

    John Cena could turn heel, Rock could turn heel, Awesome Truth win dirty, Cena and Rock win cleanly, the return of the nWo, anything can happen in this match. Whatever the outcome, it will severely impact the future of WWE and the build for Cena and Rock at WrestleMania.

    I am afraid John Cena and The Rock cannot coexist, their egos will clash, and it will cost them. Awesome Truth will capitalize and gain the biggest victory of their careers.

    Prediction: Awesome Truth