TNA News: Was Last Week's Record High Audience a Turning Point or just a fluke?

Gina GeatchesCorrespondent IIINovember 6, 2011

Last week TNA Impact! racked in 2.02 million viewers, the highest Thursday night Impact! rating ever (the January 4th, 2010 edition of TNA impact had 2.2 million viewers).  However, this good news was cut short when this week's TNA Impact! rating dropped by 25 percent in total.  It should be noted that this week's impact! did go head-to-head with the World Series game on Fox, but even so it had to hurt TNA’s feelings just a bit.

Last week's TNA Impact! featured the return of Jeff Hardy and Gail Kim’s in-ring return against Tara, and the week before we saw the crowning of the new TNA world heavyweight champion.  So it’s safe to say that the 27th October edition of Impact! had a lot going for it.  Let’s not forget the main event, which featured Samoa Joe versus Bobby Rhode to determine the No. 1 contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

The 27th October edition of Impact! had built up a lot of anticipation and excitement for fans and the ratings proved this.  Impact! promised to deliver big, but with the huge dip in ratings this week maybe fans weren’t as convinced as TNA management had hoped.  Granted the World Series game probably had a huge role in the ratings drop, but does this also prove that TNA still can’t get it right?

Whenever TNA seems to hit a turning point and seems to be improving something always seems to come around and knock TNA back down.

It upsets me because I want TNA to do well, but they always seems to drop the ball once they have started building something good. Whether it is changing title names too many times, changing champions too many times, not using all of their talent to their full potential or building up an amazing storyline only to ruin it at the last second.

So was last week’s record high audience a turning point?  There is a chance it could have been a turning point but there is also a chance that it could have been just a fluke.  To be honest it’s hard to tell.  Only time will tell if it was just a lucky night or is a sign of good things to come for TNA.