New York Mets Fans: Let's Take a Time-Out

Ben LivingstonCorrespondent IDecember 13, 2008

I'm going to step out of my normal, objective, tone for a second, to speak directly to the New York Mets fans (and Phillies fans) on Bleacher Report.

I uncovered an interesting tidbit today in an old NY Daily News blog entry by Adam Rubin about Jimmy Rollins' comment on the Mets during the World Series Parade. For those of you who forgot about his comments:

“In the offseason I heard a lot about the New York Mets. Johan Santana is a great pitcher. But it takes more than one player to bring home a championship.”

One user comment on the post, responding to the Mets' fans harshly criticizing Rollins, really caught my eye:

"Neutral observers like me (Dodgers fan) always laugh at the sorry display of you angry, bitter Mets fans. He compliments your best pitcher and you still take offense.

You are all jealous babies who think your players are better than they really are- especially Reyes and Wright. There- that's what Rollins really meant."

I've never been big on taking part in heated rivalries. I can't really say I've ever hated an opposing team. I'm a huge Flyers' fan, but I don't have any problem with the Penguins or Devils. However, you Mets fans, with your whining and complaining this off-season, have changed that forever.

You have all become exceedingly rude and bothersome, taking out all your frustration on us Phillies' fans. Now, true, we are normally the ones known for a bad attitude, but you all have taken this thing to the next level.

You all are going to have to realize that your team lost because they have some major issues that can't be solved with a simple acquisition or two. The Mets have had some clubhouse issues that affected their team chemistry, and that didn't change with the manegerial change.

The Mets aren't going to succeed unless they start playing as a team. If you don't want to hear it from Jimmy Rollins, then think about the Tampa Bay Rays' manager Joe Maddon's motto, 9=8 (referring to nine players playing as a unit equaling a spot as one of eight playoff teams).

Rather than just acknowledge these simple flaws that have led to the Mets' two collapses, you all have just picked fights with Phillies fans whenever the collapse is brought up. In multiple bouts of stunning rationality, you've ranted about how the Phillies are "undeserving", and about how it is a sacrament or an abomination that the Phillies, of all teams, won the World Series.

Now, obviously it isn't just Mets fans saying that, but if you're really set on degrading the Phillies, you've got to come up with something better than them being undeserving. To be honest, it's really just making them look better. In the mean time, you're making yourselves look silly and bitter.

So, Mets fans, I ask you, as a fellow writer hoping to keep B/R (despite it's rejection of objectivity) slightly civil and objective, lets try to keep this debate somewhat clean and contained. Not everything about the Mets involves the Phillies, and not everything about the Phillies involves the Mets.

The Phillies won the World Series this year, and the Mets collapsed. That's not a subjective framing of the situation, that's just a fact. Accept it. Stop trying to argue that point, because it can't be argued. The Mets choked, and the Phillies, having won the division, can be considered a small part of the reason. Again, can't argue that.

Phillies fans, I ask you to take a step back as well, because despite our recent feelings of good will and peace, we also have a bit of a history of rowdiness.

For those of you who have been civil, I applaud you. For those who haven't—including me, a bit, I confess (or maybe a lot)—let's try to make the Mets' and Phillies' B/R communities more like communities of sportswriters and less like a sports bar. I'm all for articles meant to inspire debate, but lets keep it above the waist.

Although I can't say in the least that I wish the Mets the best, I do congratulate them on their recent acquisitions. Any baseball fan with half a brain knows that Putz and Rodriguez will certainly give a major boost to the Mets in 2009.