Tennessee Titans Had Ceasar All Along!

Jeremiah CogginsContributor IDecember 13, 2008

How many reasons should someone need to admit they were wrong? Critics really should be eating their own words right now. No, Kerry Collins has not been a superstar, but then again, when have the Tennessee Titans needed one?

Nashville has plenty of stars already that perform each week at the Grand Ole Opry. Instead, it is that Jeff Fisher is the architect of a lost art in the National Football League, drilling the simple idea of TEAM FIRST. It is his old-school mentality that shows true leadership from the top.

He leads by example, he does and says the right things, defends his players at all costs, and oh yeah, he WINS!

Along with the biggest percentage of residents in Tennessee, I also believed Kerry Collins was the better option at quarterback. Is he a long term answer? No, absolutely not. However, when Young was injured in '07, you could certainly see the glimpses of what Collins was capable of.

It was the comeback of a Penn State mentality—tough and resilient (a lead by example mentality). Collins may even have that "it" needed to make another Super Bowl run for a last hurrah in his perplexed career.

Tennessee’s makeup will be good enough to get by for the next year or two certainly, and Collins is good enough to lead the team no matter the challenges. I honestly believe the Titans should deal Young for a package that would return some speed at wideout, and a draft pick for a quarterback that shows leadership, a decent arm, and a football IQ that doesn’t register as the lowest score in NFL history.

I think the bold, honest, and clear answer is to keep Collins and let him be the teacher to a new wave in Tennessee. Besides, southerners always love loyalty, and Collins gives them that. He can also take a youthful project and share the same qualities that fit in Fisher’s system.

As many people that were outraged by the Titans not taking Cutler, I honestly don’t think his skill set would have been a great Tennessee fit either. With that said, this year’s quarterback class isn’t the deepest, but in comparison to Vince Young’s draft, the talent is better overall.

I don’t think any of the three will be as good as Cutler, but all three are better than both Young and Leinart.

With that said, Tennessee won’t have a shot at any of them unless they deal for a pick that high. Of course all this would have to happen in contrary to Fisher’s beliefs. He would never deal Young because of the troubles the young man is having, because he embraces a traditional approach to people that we have all lost. That’s right, HE CARES!