WWE: 7 Reasons CM Punk Will Be the Next WWE Champion

A.D. Christian VitaleCorrespondent IINovember 7, 2011

WWE: 7 Reasons CM Punk Will Be the Next WWE Champion

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    The WWE is preparing us for a one-on-one clash between Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk at Survivor Series for the WWE Championship.

    As we gear up for a full-blown feud between these two superstars, we take a closer look at the current number one contender, CM Punk.

    Today, I am going to list seven reasons CM Punk will be the next WWE Champion after Alberto Del Rio. This list is based off of the current WWE product.

The Feud Makes Sense

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    There are times where I am watching RAW or Smackdown and all I can say is, "Why?".

    Why is the WWE wasting TV time?

    Why is the WWE pairing random teams together?

    Why are these two people feuding?

    Why do they think this is must-see TV?

    For once though, I can actually see a legitimate reason for why Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk are in a feud. Alberto cashed in on CM Punk. CM Punk was busy with Awesome Truth, but now CM Punk wants the WWE Championship back.

CM Punk Is on Fire

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    I know that a lot of people think that he is not as hot as he was at Summerslam, but give the WWE some credit. They took an underutilized heel and made him one of the top faces in the WWE.

    On top of that, he is being considered the face of this new era.

CM Punk Has Defeated Alberto Del Rio Before

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    The fact that CM Punk has defeated Alberto Del Rio clean on free TV proves that a victory for CM Punk would not be out of the question.

    On top of that, Alberto Del Rio has been booked as a cowardly champion and has not played as big of a role as he could on television.

WWE Rumors: CM Punk to Be Champion by Christmas

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    According to SEScoops.com, there are already plans in place to have CM Punk win the WWE Championship by the December 26th RAW Supershow.

    Plans often change within the WWE, but take note that this could happen.

CM Punk Is the Only Contender

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    If you haven't noticed, CM Punk is the only person who can challenge for the title.

    -John Cena and The Rock are feuding with Awesome Truth.

    -Triple H is feuding with Kevin Nash.

    -Sheamus and Randy Orton are on Smackdown.

    -Kofi Kingston and Zack Ryder are not big enough names yet.

    -Dolph Ziggler is a heel.

    -John Morrison is going to be beaten by NXT rookies here in another couple of weeks.

    Do you see my point?

CM Punk Needs a Title Reign

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    CM Punk does not need a title reign because his character isn't good enough. CM Punk needs a reign because it makes him that much more credible.

    Anybody can hold a championship for three weeks and lose it to the next contender (a.k.a. Alberto Del Rio at Night of Champions). What would really make CM Punk stand out is if he could hold the title for at least six months and challenge more than one opponent.

CM Punk Deserves It

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    With all the rookies who got immediately pushed to a world championship reign, I thought the main event scene would never be taken seriously.

    CM Punk has been with the company for over five years now, and he has slowly worked his way up the ranks. Now, he has the chance to hang in the main event scene for a long time.

    I just hope the WWE capitalizes.


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