TNA News: Major Star Injured, Possibly Unable to Perform at PPV

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistNovember 6, 2011

TNA may be in trouble.

AJ Styles just recently posted on his Twitter account that he may have seriously injured his ankle:

Rolled out of bed to see how the ankle was after last night.......... Not good, crap!!!!

He would originally just post this, which sounded bad but not horrible. However, he then followed up by responding to a fan's question:

Not sure, hope I'm ready by next sunday RT : how bad do you think the ankle is???? Hope you ok guy

This is a dangerous situation for the company as a whole, since both Kurt Angle and James Storm have recently been injured. If they keep losing stars, TNA will find itself backed into a corner with its booking.

They can only hope that this is not serious enough to make Styles unable to wrestle, as reports have been coming in about Styles competing at Turning Point.

The match has been booked by TNA already, and it will be officially announced on Thursday night.

I'll just say that it is a pretty big match for Styles to miss, and I know I would be disappointed if he had to be replaced for the match. However, in a business that is notorious for not taking care of their talent, I hope that he makes sure he is healthy before he competes.

I wish the best for AJ and really hope that he has a speedy recovery.

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