UFC 138 Results: Mark Munoz and the 10 Most Vicious Strikers in the UFC

Andrew MahlmannCorrespondent INovember 6, 2011

UFC 138 Results: Mark Munoz and the 10 Most Vicious Strikers in the UFC

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    Mark Munoz demonstrated he is one of the most vicious and aggressive strikers in the UFC. He may not be the most technical, but Munoz is dynamic and relentless with his powerful striking assault.

    Like some of the other most effective strikers in the business, Munoz grabs the line between power and aggression, and he wrestles it to the ground like a demon cobra. Then he stomps it into submission and uses it as a lasso to haul in the wild bronco called victory.

    This is Mark Munoz and the top 10 most vicious strikers in the UFC.

Honorable Mention: Wanderlei Silva and Alistair Overeem

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    Wanderlei Silva was once regarded as THE most vicious striker in the business.  

    In recent years he has suffered a bit of a fall from grace, but he is not out of the game yet.  At UFC 139 expect Silva to look to brutalize fellow striker Cung Le.

    Alistair Overeem is the K-1 World Grand Prix kickboxing champion set to make his UFC debut against Brock Lesnar at UFC 141.

    Both technical and vicious, Overeem will be eligible for this list after recording his first UFC competition.

10. Anthony Johnson

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    While Thiago Alves could certainly give him a run for his money, I think Anthony Johnson has been bringing the most firepower to the welterweight division the past few years.

    After beating down guys like Yoshida, Burns, Fioravanti and Brenneman, Johnson is now looking to exchange his firepower with some of the best in the middleweight division.

    It will be a stiff test since Johnson is scheduled to face former light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort in his home country of Brazil at UFC 142.

9. Melvin Guillard

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    The lightweight division's most formidable knockout artist suffered a setback in his last outing, but he is still easily one of the most vicious strikers in the UFC.

    His highlight reel is filling up with awesome KO finishes.

    Check out his destruction of Rick Davis, Gabe Reudiger, Waylon Lowe, Dennis Siver, Evan Dunham and Shane Roller.

8. Mark Munoz

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    It was clear from the beginning that Munoz was bringing some powerful fists into the UFC.

    No matter where the fight goes, Munoz is keeping the pressure by throwing heavy leather in his opponent's face.

    He has now stopped four UFC middleweights (including Leben) due to punches and proves to be a threat to any man opposite him in the cage.

7. Shane Carwin

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    Shane Carwin suffered the only two losses of his career in his last two bouts, but no one can doubt the fight-ending power he carries in his fists.

    Against dos Santos, Carwin was still a threat in the third round despite being badly battered, and no one could forget the beating he gave Lesnar during the first round of their epic title fight.

    Carwin is looking to get back to his winning ways, like when he went 12-0 to start his career—all with first-round finishes.

6. Dan Henderson

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    Dan Henderson's right hand is one of the single most devastating weapons in the history of MMA—right up there with Cro Cop's left high kick.

    Henderson relies on that weapon a lot, but quite obviously with good reason.

    He reenters the UFC to headline against "Shogun" Rua at UFC 139, and he is coming in with a lot of momentum, riding three straight KO victories.

5. Mauricio Rua

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    Rua was beaten down by champion Jon Jones, but Rua is still part of the creme of the crop in terms of pure viciousness.

    He was the first to defeat Lyoto Machida, and he did so by brutal KO.

    Rua's last bout was also a brilliant first-round blitz of the traditionally resilient Forrest Griffin.

4. Anderson Silva

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    Longtime middleweight champion Anderson Silva is willing to get into a firefight with anybody in the world; see his blowouts over Rich Franklin (twice), Vitor Belfort, Yushin Okami, James Irvin and Forrest Griffin.

    Oh yeah, Silva was also the first man to ever KO Chris Leben and Nate Marquardt.

    Simply, he is the best overall striker MMA has ever seen.

3. Cain Velasquez

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    Undefeated heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez has recorded eight of his nine victories by way of KO/TKO. He presses forward with a pace that seemingly no heavyweight can match. 

    To win the title he beat down the monstrous Brock Lesnar, but for his first title defense, Velasquez will meet someone considered equally as vicious as himself—the next man on this list.

2. Junior dos Santos

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    Junior dos Santos is the best pure boxer in the heavyweight division, putting away fellow strikers like Mirko Filipovic and Gilbert Yvel.

    Brutal knockouts over fellow Brazilians Gabriel Gonzaga and Fabricio Werdum also populate his record.

    Dos Santos will challenge for the heavyweight title on Saturday, and as always, he will be looking for the vicious knockout victory.

1. Vitor Belfort

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    To many, Vitor Belfort will eventually retire as the most vicious striker who ever competed in MMA.

    Throughout his career, Belfort has laid waste to some of the best fighters in the world at heavyweight, light heavyweight and now middleweight.

    And he is still in his prime. Belfort's last four victories are some of the most brutal and vicious KOs you will ever see.

    People love vicious strikers and that is precisely why Belfort is one of the most loved figures in the sport.