BCS Rankings: Should LSU-Alabama Rematch or Are Stanford or OKSt. More Deserving

Jayson LoveCorrespondent INovember 6, 2011

OK State survived its encounter with K-State to remain undefeated.
OK State survived its encounter with K-State to remain undefeated.Brett Deering/Getty Images

There is always the group of people who come out of a game like last night's titanic showdown and clamor for a rematch in the national championship.

There is a sentiment that these were the two best teams in the country, and that the two best teams should play for the title.

Without getting into a 'this is what's wrong with the BCS system' discussion, there are several reasons why another team should get the opportunity to play LSU (should LSU make it through its slate undefeated).

For those who want a rematch, they must consider that the wrong team lost.

It would be much easier to make a case for LSU deserving the rematch if the close loss was influenced greatly by home-field advantage.

Another factor to consider is that the two teams are in-conference rivals.  I am not saying this from the traditionalist's point of view, but if you think logically, one of these two teams won't even be in the conference championship.

I have always had a problem with a team that couldn't even win its conference having an opportunity for the national championship.

While certain conferences are stronger than others—and the SEC is widely considered the nation's strongest—it really would be odd to have a national champion that didn't win its conference without a playoff system.

Until a playoff system is in place, you can't really say, "Alabama would have beaten these other teams en route to a rematch with LSU".

Finally, the game didn't "look good."

While the hardcore college football fan loves defenses like the ones that were on display Saturday night, the casual observer loves offense and big stars.

Oklahoma State and Stanford offer both of these factors—especially Stanford.  Do you think ESPN wouldn't love Andrew Luck in its coverage of the championship game?

But are either the Cardinal or the Cowboys deserving of the appearance in the national championship game?

Should either team go undefeated, they would both be deserving—especially OK State.

If OK State navigates its slate, its resume will be quite impressive.  It would have an undefeated 12-0 record, with wins over Oklahoma (assuming the Cowboys win out) Kansas State, Texas and Texas A&M (who was No. 8 at the time of the game).

Stanford would have wins over USC and Oregon, and a win over either Arizona State or UCLA in the Pac-12 championship game.

Although if both teams won out, it would be tougher to make a case for Stanford, even though the "Luck factor" would weigh heavily in the voters' minds.

Either of these undefeated teams, however, would represent themselves well in a championship game against LSU.

'Bama had its chance, and lost it on its own field.