UFC 138 Results: Chris Leben and the 5 Fighters Who Choke Under Pressure

Jeffrey McKinneyContributor IIINovember 6, 2011

UFC 138 Results: Chris Leben and the 5 Fighters Who Choke Under Pressure

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    Chris Leben is one of the toughest and craziest fighters in MMA today. 

    But at UFC 138, Leben was unable to continue his fight with Mark Munoz after losing vision in his left eye. 

    Leben is one of the biggest names in the middleweight division. Despite this, he has fallen short when it's mattered the most. 

    Here's a look at the other fighters who have choked under pressure. 

Gray Maynard

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    For the most part, Gray Maynard has been unstoppable in his MMA career.

    He’s the only man to hold a win against lightweight champ Frankie Edgar and almost defeated him two more times this year.

    The problem is, almost doesn’t count.

    Maynard had Edgar hurt badly in the first-round of their second and third fight.

    Maynard either choked badly both times or Edgar has the most heart in recent UFC history. 

Chris Leben

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    Chris Leben is one of the UFC’s most dangerous fighters.

    His combination of heavy hands and a chin made of granite have made him one of the toughest fighters in the middleweight division.

    Despite this, Leben has not really been able to be looked at as anything other than a gatekeeper.

    Whenever he picks up a big win or goes on a winning streak, Leben’s name is thrown into the mix for a title.

    Leben then ends up falling to another top title contender. 

Melvin Guillard

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    Dana White may have said it best when he said that Guillard is his own worst enemy.

    Guillard is one of the most talented fighters in the lightweight division. Guillard was on a five-fight winning streak and seemed to finally have his career on track.

    The cocky welterweight contender found himself in the back of the line, though, when he lost to Joe Lauzon in just 47 seconds at UFC 136. 

Kenny Florian

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    It’s no secret why Florian is on the list.

    Florian has fought for a UFC title three times, and came up short each time.

    Florian also lost to Gray Maynard in a title eliminator bout and Diego Sanchez in the Ultimate Fighter 1 season finale.

    For all the talent Florian has, he seems to fall when it counts the most. 

Chael Sonnen

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    Chael Sonnen dominated Anderson Silva for four and a half rounds.

    No one has come as close as Sonnen has to defeating Silva.

    However, as close as he came, Sonnen was still not able to defeat Silva and lost the fight by submission.