UFC 138: Mark Munoz Handled Himself Poorly and Doesn't Deserve a Title Shot

Brandon ChillingworthCorrespondent IINovember 5, 2011

At UFC 138, Mark Munoz beat Chris Leben by a TKO due to a cut over Leben's left eye. It was a competitive fight for the first round, but Munoz started to edge away in the second round.

I have no problem with the fight or the way that Munoz fought. He's a good fighter, and showed it in the ring.

I think if it had gone to the third round, it still would have been competitive. Chris Leben is tough as nails, and is a guy to never count out. He's a brawler who can finish a fight in any round. I wish the fight had made it to Round 3.

The problem that I have with Munoz is the way that he handled himself after the fight.

Munoz was in his corner after the second round getting ready for the third, and the fight got called. As soon as it did, he started jumping around and yelling, excited because of the stoppage. I think it was because he knew he still had a hard time ahead with Leben in the other corner.

Celebrating a submission or a big knockout is fine. Celebrating a decision victory is fine too. Celebrating a doctor stoppage is wrong.

Munoz should have had more respect for Leben and the way that the fight ended. He threw a lucky punch that just happened to cause a fight ending cut. The punch and the way that it was set up took skill, but the fact that it caused a cut was pure luck.

In the post-fight interview, Munoz was ecstatic about his victory, and continued to talk about all of the skills that he has. Then he talked about how he wants a title shot and also thinks he deserves it.

If Munoz pulled off the decision, the interview would have been justified. After a stoppage due to a cut, I don't think that it was.

Munoz is a good fighter, and will most likely get a title shot eventually. It shouldn't be now though.

This wasn't a fight that testified to his skill and fighting ability. This is not a convincing win that I think should be rewarded with a chance for UFC gold.