WWE Armageddon: A Preview with Adam

Adam LewisContributor IDecember 13, 2008


The numbers beside each wrestler's name under "Armageddon Records" are their win-loss records at Armageddon. Wins come first.

Randy Orton vs. Batista

Armageddon Records: Orton 1-2 and Batista 2-3

Even though WWE is promoting this as the first time they have met, that is not true. They met on April 4, 2005, the day after Wrestlemania 21. Batista won that match.

Orton and Batista go all the way back to the start of 2003. Evolution formed in early 2003 and ruled Raw until Summerslam 2004, when Orton won the World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Benoit. The night after Evolution turned on Orton.

In early 2005, Batista won the Royal Rumble and therefore had a choice of facing either World Heavyweight Champion and Partner in Evolution Triple H or WWE Champion, the Wrestling God, JBL. He chose to face Triple H and that split up Evolution.

On April 4 2005, Orton and Batista faced off for the first time, Batista won as Orton was going to have to take time off. In the 2005 draft, Orton and Batista were drafted to Smackdown.

In November 2005 there was going to be a triple threat match between Randy Orton, Batista, and Eddie Guerrero. Sadly, on the day of the match, Eddie died.

The plan for the following week's Smackdown was to have Orton beat Batista, for the world title. However, feeling WWE was left short by the death of Eddie, Batista worked through his injury.

Since then, Orton and Bastita have not had much to do with each other, until last month’s Survivor Series when they were team captains. Team Orton won that match.

The next night on Raw there was a triple threat match, to face John Cena at Armageddon for the World Title. Chris Jericho won this match. On Raw on Dec. 1 it was announced that these two would face off at Armageddon, but WWE this is not the first time they have met.

Randy Orton, because it seems like he will be feuding with Cena again soon and with this win it will give him a reason to face Cena and keeps Big Dave away from Cena until Wrestlemania.


Non Title Match: Vladimir Kozlov vs. Matt Hardy

Armageddon Record:
Kozlov's first appearance and Matt Hardy 0-3

Kozlov had his first match on Smackdown in April 2008, after destroying jobber. After jobber, he demanded more competition and got it in the form of Jeff Hardy and Triple H.

At Cyber Sunday we the fans could vote for Triple H to defend his title against Jeff Hardy, Vladmir Kozlov, or both in a triple threat match. We decided that HHH should defend his title against Jeff Hardy.

Last month at Survivor Series, we were due to have a triple threat match between HHH, Jeff Hardy, and Vladimir Kozlov. Jeff was attacked before the show and Edge took his place, winning the match.

The next week on Smackdown there was a beat the clock series between Kozlov HHH and Jeff Hardy. Matt Hardy faced Kozlov in his beat the clock match. The winner of this match was the clock, and Kozlov did not advance to the WWE Title match.

The following week on Smackdown Matt Hardy faced Chavo Guerrero, and after the match Kozlov attacked Hardy. 

This week on ECW Vladimir Kozlov attacked Tommy Dreamer, and challenged Matt to a match. Later on ECW it was announced they would meet at Armageddon in a non-title match. Matt Hardy has been the ECW Champion since Unforgiven in September.

Kozlov, due to the fact that if Matt was going to win this would be a title match, but it is not so it is obvious that Kozlov is going to win.

Belfast Brawl: Finley vs. Mark Henry

Armageddon Records:
Finley 1-1 and Mark Henry 1-2

Finley and Mark Henry were both drafted in the 2008 draft. Six days after the draft, Henry won the ECW Title in a triple threat match also including Kane and The Big Show. Henry held the title until Unforgiven when he lost that title to Matt Hardy.

At Cyber Sunday, Finlay, Evan Bourne, and Mark Henry were up for voting and Evan Bourne won your vote. On the Nov. 4 edition of ECW, Mark Henry faced Finlay, for the right to face Matt Hardy on the Nov. 11 edition of ECW. Finlay won against Henry but the next week he lost to Hardy.

On the Nov. 25 episode of ECW, Henry and Finlay met again. This time the match ended in a no contest. The next week on ECW Mark Henry challenged Finlay, to a tag team match on the Dec. 9 episode, pitting Finlay and Hornswaggle against Mark Henry and Tony Atlas. Finlay accepted.

This week on ECW the tag team match happened and Mark Henry and Tony Atlas won. This sets the stage for Sunday Belfast Brawl.

Finlay, because this is his type of match and he did not win the last one against JBL. This should also be the blow off to the feud hopefully.

IC Tournament Final (winner to face IC Title Holder William Regal at a later date): Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

Armageddon Records:
Rey Mysterio 2-1 and CM Punk 0-1

On the Nov. 24 episode of Raw, a tournament was started to decide the No. 1 contender for the IC title.

First Round Results:

Kofi Kingston beat Kane by dq

CM Punk beat Snitsky

John Morrison beat Finlay

Rey Mysterio beat The Miz

Second Round Results:

CM Punk beat John Morison

Rey Mysterio beat Kofi Kingston

So at Armagddon we will see Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk. This is the first time they have met and there is no back-story to this match so there is no history to write about.

Winner: Punk’s going to win because Mysterio is feuding with Mike Knox and the WWE have put these two together because they know they are going to pull out a good match.

World Title Match: John Cena vs. Chris Jericho

Armageddon Records:
Chris Jericho 4-1 and John Cena 2-0

This story between Y2J and Cena started on the draft speical three years ago, when Cena was drafted to Raw. He came out during the highlight reel and Cena Y2J became friends...or did they.

A week later in a tag match it was Jericho and Cena taking Christian and Tomko. After that match Jericho turned on Cena. This led to a triple threat match in Vegas at Vengeance. Christian was also in the match.

John Cena won that match, but he was not going to get rid of Jericho that easily. They continued feuding and then the stage was set for Summerslam Jericho vs. Cena.

Once again Cena won, then the next night on Raw there was a your fired match between these two and Cena won again, and that was the last we saw of Jericho. Or so we thought.

In the fall of 2007 there were videos airing on Raw about somebody coming to save us.

Mr. Jericho returned at the time Cena was out injured, so for the past year Jericho has feuded with JBL, Randy Orton, Batista, CM Punk, and HBK even though Cena returned at the Rumble.

Jericho won the World Title at Unforgiven. He lost it at Cyber Sunday, but he won it again eight days later on Raw.

John Cena got injured again at Summerslam. Then last month, Cena returned and won the world title for the first time. The night after on Raw, Jericho became the No. 1 contender again. After attacking Cena on the Dec. 1 episode on Raw and winning superstar of the year, the stage is set for Sunday.

Winner: John Cena. Can you really see him losing the title before Wrestlemania?

WWE Title Triple Threat Match: Edge vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H

Armageddon Records:
Edge 3-1, Jeff Hardy 1-2, and Triple H 4-2

Where do I start? Edge and Jeff Hardy have clashed so many times it's not worth writing about all of them.

Last year at Armageddon, Jeff Hardy beat Triple H. In the 2008 draft, Triple H and Jeff Hardy were drafted to Smackdown. On the June 29 episode of Raw, Edge lost his world title to CM Punk. At the Great American Bash, Triple H beat Edge and retained his WWE Title. 

Edge was sent to hell after his hell in a cell match at Summerslam with The Undertaker. Triple H and Jeff Hardy met in one-on-one matches at No Mercy and Cyber Sunday, with Triple H coming out on top both times.

Last month at the Survivor Series, Jeff Hardy was attacked by a mystery person before the show. When it was time for the triple threat match between Triple H, Vladimir Kozlov, and Jeff Hardy, Hardy did not make the match, but Smackdown GM Vickie Guerrero had a replacement: the rated R Superstar Edge. Edge won the WWE Title.

On Smackdown we had a beat the clock series Triple H and Jeff Hardy drew, so that means that this match is a triple threat match for the WWE Title.

Edge. Can you see him losing his title before Wrestlemania? But they might do a surprise Jeff win with Edge getting the title back at the Rumble.

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