Kyle Busch Suspended: Anger Issues Are Destroying Busch's Career

Richard LangfordCorrespondent INovember 5, 2011

Kyle Busch's maniacal competitiveness is ruining his career. 

Season after season, Busch is near or atop the leaders for most victories on the Sprint circuit, yet he finishes well back in the race for the points championship.

These failures stem from his anger getting the best of him and leading to crippling decisions being made by an overly emotional brain. 

This was never more evident than it was in Friday's NASCAR truck race at the Texas Motor Speedway. Busch was battling for second with Ron Hornaday Jr.

The two traded some paint, and it was clear that Hornaday went over the line in initiating contact with Busch. But Busch sought retribution by crossing an even bigger line. He blatantly and obviously spun Hornaday into the wall.

You can hear Kyle's crew chief pleading with him to keep his cool, but that is just not something he Busch is wired to do.

His actions were so egregious that he has been rightfully suspended by NASCAR from the Nationwide and Sprint races for the weekend.

NASCAR president Mike Helton, as quoted by Terry Blount on

After a good deal conversation and discussion, NASCAR decided to maintain the parked position for the balance of the weekend. Kyle will not be participating today [Saturday] and tomorrow in Texas.



Somehow Busch needs to learn how to not let his anger get the best of him. I don't mean he needs to become a soft and passive driver. I just mean he can't completely lose his mind and turn his car into a retribution machine. 

He has to learn to at least have a hint of subtlety when seeking revenge. Otherwise, he will never win a championship.


Busch is All But Done for This Championship

Busch entered the weekend seventh in the standings—57 points behind leader Carl Edwards.

Busch may or may not be mathematically eliminated after Sunday's race. A driver can earn a maximum of 48 points in any race. 

However, mathematics aside, Busch will not win. There are just way too many drivers in front of him. He would have to win the next two races and hope that up to 11 drivers have miserable failures.

There are just two races after Texas, and it is now officially time for Busch to start planning for next season.