TNA: Why Bobby Roode Has Only Now Finally Become a Main Event Star

Kevin BergeFeatured Columnist IIMarch 6, 2017

Professional wrestling is not an easy business in which to work.

Many stars have trouble just finding their way onto the programming, let alone gaining consistent coverage regardless of the promotion.

The hardest step any wrestler takes, though, involves the final leap into the main event.

Some guys move too quickly as fizzle out, never finding their spot again (e.g., Jack Swagger).

Others never have a moment that takes them to that level, so their time after their initial rise causes them to stall and become a minor attraction at best. People such as The Miz and Dolph Ziggler have been having this problem lately.

TNA just took the chance to finally create a real star on Thursday night when they crowned Robert Roode as the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

I was among the many disappointed fans when Bound for Glory ended and Roode lost the title match.

It took me two full weeks to even care about the program again. James Storm winning the title on Thursday was cool, but it irritated me more than pleased me, as it seemed to completely throw the BFG Series out the window.

I could not understand for weeks why Bobby Roode had lost the match he had been building perfectly toward for weeks.

Then it all came together on Thursday night.

Bobby Roode was wrestling his Beer Money partner James Storm in the main event for the title in what was a good match all around.

It was getting down to the wire when suddenly the referee was injured (somehow from a very strange bump), and Roode went down outside the ring.

While he was collecting himself, he looked straight at Storm's beer bottle, and you could see everything unfold in Roode's eyes. He wanted the title. In fact, he needed it.

The loss to Kurt Angle had affected Roode more than we could initially realize from his reactions in the previous weeks. Storm winning the title just finally ate away at Roode, but he didn't make the final change until he took that beer bottle in hand.

Smashing the bottle into Storm, Roode would win his first TNA World Title and become a star.

It wasn't sudden or rushed. It was perfectly timed, and one of the best swerves I have seen in a long time. Since I had not read spoilers ahead of time, it completely shocked me, but then I started thinking about it.

It all made sense. It made Bound for Glory's ending finally make sense. It all made perfect sense.

Beer Money had been a great tag team for years in TNA. Arguably the best tag team that TNA has ever seen. Only during the BFG Series did they finally start becoming singles stars.

When Roode won the series, it was a great moment that elevated him and helped make him become a credible star, but something was missing. He and Storm simply seemed to just drift toward the main event together. There was no closure to seeing the two separate.

Roode lost to Angle and watched his partner succeed where he failed. It caused a deep-set jealousy to begin to grow, which eventually all came out on Thursday night.

It was a moment that made Roode a true singles competitor and gave him a necessary change as a heel.

If there is any doubt that his work will be weaker as a heel, watch the above video of his promo after winning the title.

He is ready and finally looks like a champion. If this title reign goes well, Roode could become the new top heel in the company.

It's exciting and well constructed, possibly setting up some of TNA's best work of all time.

I am looking forward to it, and I hope you are, too.

Thanks for reading!