Will Pac-10 Become Pac-12 in Coming Years?

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IDecember 13, 2008

During the past few weeks, rumors have been circulating about a possible reconfiguration of the Pac-10 conference. Names of teams such as Brigham Young, Utah, and Boise State have been considered as possible new entrants.

It appears as though the conference wishes to add at least two teams to its ranks in the coming years, but it is still unclear who will be invited to join. One possible motive behind this requested change is to create one solid way to decide the conference champion in football each year.

The conference has looked to the examples of the Big-12, C-USA, MAC, ACC, and SEC on how to decide their conference champions. Each conference divides their participants into two divisions, and hold a conference championship game as the final game of the regular season; the divisional champions play for the conference championship.

If the Pac-10 were to invite two other teams into the conference, this would provide a simple yet effective solution to the always changing championship situations; if USC loses to UCLA, Cal loses to Stanford, and Oregon State loses to both Arizona and Oregon, ya-da ya-da ya-da.

Here is how the new conference configuration would work. The new Pac-12 would divide into two separate divisions, the Pac-12 North and the Pac-12 South. The participants from the states of Washington, Oregon and/or Idaho/Utah, would configure the Pac-12 North, while teams from California and Arizona would make up the southern division.

As I see it, there should only be two teams considered for invitation, the Brigham Young Cougars, and the Utah Utes. Boise State should not be considered for invitation because of their abysmal conference schedule. 

Let's face it, the WAC is one of the worst conferences in college football. Usually you can count on only having one decent team, rarely two. The Mountain West however continually holds at least three squads that could very well hold their own in larger, more powerful conferences, being BYU, Utah, and TCU.

Here is how the Pac-10 officials should reconfigure the conference if they chose to do so. The Pac-12 North would include Oregon, Oregon State, Utah, BYU, Washington State, and Washington. One could probably count on the winner of the Pac-12 North to be either Oregon, Oregon State, or Utah year after year, as these three teams would make up the power structure of the division.

The Pac-12 South would include USC, Cal, Arizona, Stanford, Arizona State, and UCLA. While many would think that USC would continually win the Southern division, Arizona is starting to become a very respectable threat to any Pac-10 powerhouse, and could very well de-throne the Trojans.

With these new changes, the Pac-10 would become a more respected conference. The BCS buster mentality would be all but vanquished, and the conference would receive a larger number of bowls. Once these new changes take place, the Pac-10 conference will once again rise as one of the premier football conferences in FBS college football.

Now all that is left to accomplish, is to make the Pacific Life Holiday Bowl a January Bowl game.