Michael Owen Needs To Come to America

Joe OneillCorrespondent IIDecember 13, 2008

Michael Owen playing in the States? Could it be a possibility?

Just a few short years ago it would have been unheard of to mention the Newcastle Striker and the Stars and Stripes in the same sentence.

The former darling of English football is looking more like Meg Ryan after plastic surgery these days. A shadow of his former self, and not nearly as attractive.

He was a washout at Real Madrid and an absolute disaster at Newcastle. It's unclear how much gas he has left in his tank after years of battling injuries. I doubt any of the major clubs would be interested in him at this point in his career. His agent is stating otherwise, but that's what agents do.

Newcastle has made it clear they won't offer him a contract extension next year, leaving the former Liverpool striker as lonely as a teenage girl without a date for the prom.

That's where the MLS should swoop in.

That is, if they're not completely soured on former English stars, after the David Beckham experiment went as wrong as a monster in a Mary Shelley novel.

Owen doesn't bring the panache of Beckham, but he's still a recognizable name and would bring some excitement if he made the trip over the pond. He's a good looking lad and that might attract the fairer sex to tune in to a few games.

I also think that Owen's game is tailored for the American league. He's still fast and knows when to make his runs. The MLS isn't nearly as physical as the English league and staying healthy has been 90 percent of his battle. He won't run into the talent of defense he's seen in the English league and he could be a scoring dynamo once again.

Although the MLS isn't close to the talent in the Premiership, it's not a bad little league. Freddie Ljungberg has signed on with the new Seattle squad. Blanco has been playing sublime for Chicago.

What's more, Owen will be a huge commodity in the States and I'm not sure he would anywhere else. The real question is can he bring the goods at this point? Otherwise, he's just a pretty face on the program and we've already had that with Beckham.