Green Bay Packers: Why a Perfect Season Can Only Hurt the Packers

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Green Bay Packers: Why a Perfect Season Can Only Hurt the Packers
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There is an infatuation in today's sports media with the Green Bay Packers and the possibility of a perfect season.  As a fan of the Green and Gold, I have to admit that seeing my team go undefeated would be amazing.  Personally, I hate losing and I hate seeing the Packers lose.  But with all that said, I hope that Green Bay finds itself 15-1 at the end of the season.

Before all of Wisconsin has me tarred and feathered, I've got my reasons.  The Packers are a great team, but they are not the same dominating force they were last year in the postseason.

The defense has holes and every team they play knows it.  Drew Brees found them in the season opener when he threw for 419 yards and Cam Newton exploited them the following week, throwing for 432.

Admittedly, the secondary has not given up that kind of yardage since, putting Matt Ryan down in the Georgia Dome and giving rookie Christian Ponder a reality check in the second half two weeks ago.

There are all kinds of justification for the relatively poor defensive performance: the Green Bay defense is a "bend, but not break" type, they get stops when they need to, there are injuries to the secondary, the pass rush is lacking a counter-weight for Clay Matthews, etc. 

Excuses don't fix problems.  Until the Packers lose a game because of weak play against the pass, I don't think it will be addressed seriously.

Ultimately, one loss will not hurt the Packers' Super Bowl ambitions and will give the defense further incentive to patch the holes in coverage.  A loss during the regular season would remind Green Bay of what it is like to feel defeated. 

If the Packers are winners, the loss will only inspire them to constantly improve.  It would be better for the Packers to see where they are limited now than to find out in the Super Bowl like the 2007 Patriots

Will the Packers fix their problems on defense if they do acheive a perfect regular season?

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The perfect season is a testament to excellence in sports.  It is a pipe-dream in baseball.  It is increasingly rare in basketball.  In college football, it is virtually a requirement to play in the National Championship.  In the NFL, it's a novelty. 

The '07 Patriots were impeccable during the regular season, but that perfect record meant nothing in their Super Bowl loss to the Giants.

The 1972 Miami Dolphins are the only team to go undefeated through regular and postseason play.  As far as I'm concerned, they can keep it.

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