Rowdy Rose Bowl Sales at Penn State

Robert SkorochockiContributor IDecember 13, 2008

Around 6:30 am Saturday morning, thousand of Penn State students lined up outside the Bryce Jordan Center eagerly waiting to purchase Rose Bowl tickets.  The site where the tickets were to be sold was a mystery to everyone until the university posted an article revealing the venue this morning at 6:30 am on

At around 6:45 am, an estimate of 1,500 people were standing outside in the cold and frigid weather.

Ticket sales were to begin at 8a.m and continue until noon Saturday.

The Bryce Jordan Center prematurely opened their doors around 7:00 am, and a stampede of students erupted as everyone sprinted for the gates.

Once the mood calmed down inside, everyone gathered in a single-file line.  However, minutes before 8a.m. another dash towards the ticket office ensued.

Pushing and shoving were common as Penn State police tried to calm the situation.

From about 8 am until 10 am, students continued to push their way to the front causing a small ruckus.

“It was horrible.  Unorganized.  It was reckless and dangerous,” said Chris Netska, who is a senior at Penn State.

“It was frustrating that nobody gave us any information, if they would have just told us, it would have been a lot calmer,” added Netska.

According to, the university had about 2,500 tickets on sale today and students were limited to two.

The Penn State Nittany Lions, who won their first Big Ten championship since 2005, will face USC on January 1.  It will be their first Rose Bowl appearance since 1994.

Penn State was also in the headlines after their student body staged a riot after a 13-6 win against arch-rival Ohio State on Oct.25

To view a video of the riots from Oct. 25, visit: