The Craziest Streakers in Sports

Austin SchindelAnalyst IINovember 13, 2011

The Craziest Streakers in Sports

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    Yeah man, it will be awesome. Let's take off all of our clothes and then run around the stadium, hopefully without getting leveled by some pretty pissed off security guards. It will be awesome!

    I guess that is the thought process that goes through a streaker's mind...

    Some think it is hilarious (like me), while others find it disgusting. Call it what you will, but as long as there is field to run on, people will strip down and get out there. 

    Here are some great streaker videos in some of the wildest places you can think of. Enjoy.



    **** Warning: Some explicit content; nudity shown in some of the videos.

Honorable Mention: York City V Grays Athletic

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    Two things I took away from this video:

    1. The security staff is either really lazy or just really cool with streakers because they were nowhere to be seen.

    2. This is more of a jog than a streak. You need the fear of getting caught to really get the best out of these guys.

20. Stupid Streaker

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    He runs around aimlessly while everyone waits for him to be finished with his ridiculous stunt. In the meantime, the players are trying to avoid being touched by this idiot, so they stand still.

    That doesn't mean that they need to let him take the ball. Hilarity ensues when he tries to play some soccer of his own.

19. Emirates Welcomes Its First Streaker

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    I guess they wanted to break the ice with a streaker on the field before there was even a game to be played. Emirates stadium was broken in, not with a soccer exhibition, but with a streaker; makes sense to me.

    It was an impressive run, from end to end, definitely leaving him with a solid spot on our list. 

18. Old Trafford: The Classiest Place in the World

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    I assume that one of England's greatest stadiums is also one of its classiest. It has gotten a little dirtier after a naked man ran through the pitch.

    He didn't last too long, but I'm sure those images will be burned in the players' heads for time to come.

17. I Love You David!

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    I know, it is probably worth getting arrested to get on the same field as David Beckham. But, do you have to it without your clothes on? That just makes it really awkward.

    It is also good to see that American security has gotten as tough as their friends in Europe during soccer matches.

16. Run Streaker... Run

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    The title says it all. Yes, this was very impressive, and I think we can all agree that this is in consideration for the streakers Hall of Fame. He went from the goalie to about 45 while avoiding about a dozen security guards.

    He was eventually taken down, but not before an impressive showing.

15. Wimbledon Streaker

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    Cover your eyes, ladies; there is a man running around at the Old England Club, and he isn't wearing any clothes. We have all been told about how much class the British have, but they seem to always be the ones running around naked.

    It is rare to see this type of thing go on at a tennis match. I guess they are spicing it up these days.

14. Illusive Streaker

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    He brakes one tackle, and then another.

    He could, go, all, the, way.....and done.

    Its good to see that some of the streakers have some wheels and can make it interesting. But in the end, we just like to see them get leveled.

13. Streaking Willy

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    I don't know who Willy is, but he is committed to his craft.

    Not only does he interrupt a rugby match (aka guys that can beat him down), but he avoids any security while making a dramatic street exit.

    I hope he is going somewhere that has some clothes for him. 

12. Roar FC V. Porto FC

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    It is so unfortunate when streakers get taken down before they have the chance to get their full streak on.

    I guess security at these soccer games are always on the look out for naked runners. That has to be a weird conversation.

    "Yeah guys, just look out for people in the stands without their clothes on."

11. Streaker Gets Blown Up

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    Sometimes, the streak is not worth the pain. For this guy, he could have never known what was coming his way when he get leveled by a football player in full pads.

    There is nothing better than seeing him barely able to move, crawling off the field. He was once a streaker. Now he is just some guy who needs clothes.

10. PSU Streaker

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    If you are going to streak, do it with some pazzaz; the speedo and vikings horn is a good start.

    At least he had a good exit strategy. I'm glad that he has learned something valuable from his time at college.

9. NFL, Welcome to London

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    During an NFL game between the NY Giants and Miami Dolphins in London, a streaker decided to bring a little culture to the visiting Americans.

    It is a more common practice in soccer than football, but when in Rome...

8. Celtic vs Porto Streaker

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    Oh come on!

    If the guy has the gaul to go on the field and run around naked, at least let him score. Big deal, so he delayed your game a little. 

    This may be the highlight of his life, and at the very least, he was going to get mauled by security, if not arrested. Shame on you goalie.

7. Streaker, Meet Bertie Bee

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    They tell everyone on the field to let security deal with the streaker and to not get involved. Apparently this advice does not stretch to the mascots.

    I guess jumping around all game and making a fool out of yourself gets tiring. Sometimes, you just need to hit someone. Luckily for Bertie, there was an idiot who supplied the brunt of his frustrations.

6. Get off My Field....

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    A streaker has to deal with security guards and the brisk breeze that hits the naked body throughout the run. I doubt that they prepare to be leveled by the players on the field.

    Cricket player Andrew Symonds had had enough of this guy on the field and wanted to get back to the action. No faster way of doing that than getting the streaker to the ground.

5. Super Bowl Streaker

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    If you are going to streak, why not do it in the biggest game in the United States, watched by the most people?

    I give the guy credit because these are the hardest hitting athletes around. The look on Bruschi's face is priceless, too.

4. And He Isssss Safe!

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    During this University of Nebraska showdown with the University of Texas, a streaker crashed the party with a bolt across center field and into the right field stands.

    The announcer seemed more excited about the streaker than the game on the field. Is anyone surprised... let me remind you that this is baseball.

3. Streaker in the Pool!

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    Usually, streakers like to have space so they can run around and avoid getting caught for a little while. 

    At the 2008 BBC Snooker World Championship Final, right before the beginning of another game, a man ran into the camera view, took off his clothes and then went under the table.

    This isn't the best strategy if you are trying to avoid getting caught. Other than that, I approve of the plan.

2. The Balliest Streaker Ever

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    Sure, Running with the Bulls is dangerous, and honestly quite dumb. That being said, this guy took dumb to a whole new level when he took off his clothes and made himself an even bigger target.

    I don't know how smart bulls are, but it would be poetic justice if in fact that went after the only guy without any clothes on too.

1. Streaker Down the Stretch

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    So the question remains: Did he get a running start in this race, or join in halfway through? Oh wait, should I be focusing more on the fact that he was running completely naked in a horse race?

    This guy seems to be the ultimate competitor and is willing to take on any animal. His stride looks a little short, though. Maybe that's why he fell on his face.