Perry Hall Bernie Dance Video: Watch Soccer Team Celebrate After Reinstatement

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Perry Hall High School Principal George Roberts has reversed a decision to cancel the boys' varsity soccer season after the team was punished for a victory dance in Tuesday's playoff game against Dulaney High School.

Students protested the decision to cancel the season outside the school on Thursday morning, and many parents were also not pleased with the ruling.

The dance the students performed during Tuesday's game was from the movie, "Weekend at Bernie's II."

People from Dulaney High School, including parents in attendance, thought the dance by the Perry Hall players was sexually suggestive. 

Here is some of what Principal Roberts said following the decision to suspend the team after Tuesday's game:

"In my four years at Perry Hall, this is the first time an entire team has been suspended [from playing]," he said. "If I thought it was too harsh, I would have made another decision."

"Children should celebrate by cheering each other, giving high fives, hugs and pats on the back. But in my view, a choreographed, celebratory dance is not the way to celebrate victory," Roberts said.

This is pathetic, and this principal looks like a fool. The celebration was fine, and there were no vulgar words spoken by the players during the dance.

The decision to reverse this punishment was the right move but never should have had to be done in the first place.

Officials, whether they are from the school or actual referees, take celebrating way too seriously in high school sports and even college sports nowadays.

If there is nothing inappropriate done by the students and nothing said or done towards others, whether that's teammates, opponents or anyone else at the game, then it's not a big deal.

Kids get excited when they succeed, especially in sports. 

Principal Roberts wants to see his kids high five each other when celebrating, which is fine if your athletes are in elementary school.

These are high school students that are playing to win the game, and the game they were competing in was a playoff game. 

It's great for these players that their hard work to get to this point in the playoffs will not be for nothing, and they will have the chance to complete their season with a title.

Perry Hall will play in the Class 4A North region semifinal against Blake High School at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. 

Bravo to these students for trying to get their season back on, and to play at least one more game of soccer this fall.

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