Rex Grossman: Life after Chicago?

Mike MikelosonContributor IDecember 12, 2008

It is well known that Rex Grossman has no chance to return to the NFL next year as a Chicago Bear. However, there will be plenty of teams in desperate need of QB help. The most likely place Rex lands next season in my estimation is Minnesota.

Whether Bears fans like to admit it or not, Rex has the ability to take over a game. Though he has went through his fair share of struggles, he has also had his successes.

During the Bears' Super Bowl run in 2006, Grossman had eight games with a passer rating of over 100 while playing a vital role in the two playoff wins that got the Bears through the playoffs.

On the other hand, we have also seen bad Rex. The Rex that "unleashes the dragon" into opposing teams' secondaries, the Rex that drops back and back and back before taking a 25 yard sack. There is no doubt that the man has had his successes and failures in his short career.

Why would Minnesota risk bringing Rex Grossman on board? Why not? Their QB situation is inept at best. I hate to break it to Vikings fans, but neither Tarvaris Jackson nor Gus Frerotte are the long term (or short term) answer. Is Rex? Who knows; however, it would make sense for Grossman to land in Viking territory.

Last I checked, the Bears may be the worst in the league at developing or evaluating the talent they have on their roster. For sake of example lets examine Mark Bradley and Thomas Jones.

Bradley, whom the Bears concluded was not worthy of their practice squad, is now catching TD passes in Kansas City. While Jones, who was traded in favor of Cedric Benson (since cut), is going Bonkers in New York with Favre.

I would not be the least bit surprised to see Rex Grossman as a perennial Pro-Bowl QB as long he is not dropping back in a Bears uniform.

Rex would be comfortable in Minnesota behind that huge offensive line, and the familiar down field threat in Bernard Berrian, not to mention AP to loosen up the coverage. Rex has the tools to be a high-caliber QB, and scouts will notice this.

After two disastrous runs on two different teams, David Carr has still managed to find work, why not Grossman? There has been this assumption in Chicago that Grossman is not worthy of being an NFL third string QB.

While I am not here to argue his struggles, I will say that assumption is beyond stupid. Has he struggled? Yes. Yet, we must remember (especially Chicago) that the embattled Rex Grossman brought the Bears one game short of Super Bowl victory.

While a lesser fan will claim that only Devin Hester and the Bears' supposed dominate Defense was responsible for the Super Bowl run, I claim otherwise. Grossman played just as an important role as the defense. The Bears' defense became undone during the end of the '06 season. In the playoffs, Grossman stepped up.

Grossman, like it or not, will have an opportunity to prove himself in the NFL once again next year. Don’t be surprised if he is the next mediocre type quarterback that is torching the Bears next season.