Ted Thompson, You Are the Weakest Link...Goodbye!!!

Sheeraz MohammedContributor IDecember 12, 2008

Let me start off by making a confession: I am a Brett Favre fan. Based on that you can probably guess where I stood on the "Brett Favre/ Green Bay Packers saga."

Yes, you're right, I sided with the legend. I vividly remember saying to the people who cared to listen, that I smell something funny. And that funny smell wasn't me or the people I was talking to (hmmm, might have to rethink that one), it was actually Ted Thompson, the general manager of the Packers.

Sorry, I promised myself that this was not gonna be about Thompson's treatment of Brett Favre. I challenged myself to think about other reasons to build an argument as to why Ted Thompson should no longer be part of the Green Bay Packers in 2009.

And it turns out it was very easy. The logical thing to do is point at Thompson about the failure that is the 2008 version of the Green Bay Packers because of the Brett Favre trade. But believe it or not, that would be more difficult to do based on the performance of Favre's heir, Aaron Rodgers.

While Thompson was busy trying to keep Favre out of Wisconsin/Minnesota/Chicago, he failed to realize that the rest of his team was more of a fluke than a team one possession away from playing in Arizona last February.

It's easy to say the Packers are where they are because they don't have Brett Favre under the center. Emotionally, that may be true, but statistically, even I would have a hard time convincing myself that. Packers are bad because Thompson overrated his players, who overachieved last year.

Packers are bad because Thompson over-thinks on draft day and is over-conservative in the free-agent signing period. Packers are bad because Thompson is an egotistic maniac who looks at himself in the mirror and see's Vince Lombardi, when in reality he is the next Matt Millen.

Packers are bad because Thompson has focused on the offensive side of things so much in the past two drafts that he forgets there are three aspects to the game. Just five of 20 draft picks in 2007 and 2008 were defensive players.

First-round draft pick Justin Harrell has been a big disappointment. The only defensive free agent signed by Thompson in the past two years still on the roster is linebacker Brandon Chillar. Considering Thompson’s conservative approach, is it any wonder the Packers’ pass rush and run defense have been nonexistent?

Packers are bad because of the lack of preparations for worst-case scenarios by, you guessed it, Ted Thompson.

The goal for every team is to win a Super Bowl, even for the Detroit Lions. Ted Thompson's goal is to rebuild a team from near scratch to prove to the masses that he is a legend, forgetting that you were one possession away from playing for the elusive Lombardi Trophy. While Thompson has been blessed by some no brainer's on draft days falling in his lap, he is not an evaluator of talent on the professional level.

Ted Thompson has put the Packers behind the up and coming Vikings and Bears. The only thing he has going for him is that his "no brain twin" Matt Millen was in the same division burying the Lions deep in the NFC North Bleep hole.

What will happen here now is that Thompson would bolt the Packers a year or two down the road. He will go to ruin another team's hopes and dreams. He will go to another team to break them up and build them up again, penny by penny, and go no further than 6-10, while leaving the Green Bay Packers picking up the pieces of his maniacal talentless era.

Thank You Ted Thompson for getting the Packers to where they are now.

Thank You Ted Thompson for not getting Randy Moss, because Justin Harrell was a better choice.

Thank You Ted Thompson for not hiring a proven, sane coach to lead your team.

Thank You Ted Thompson for kicking Brett Favre out the door.

Thank You Ted Thompson for the current state of the Green Bay Packers.

Before you bolt on us, I would like to say: Ted Thompson, you are the weakest link...Good-bye!!!